I`m receiving the following error code when I refresh my emails:SQL logic error or missing database table "Remo

Don`t receive emails

Hi Fluffy,

seems like your database has been corrupted.

You’ll need to start eM Client with a clean database.
To remove your database go to C:\Users\ YOUR WINDOWS ACCOUNT \AppData\Roaming\eM Client and delete it’s contents.

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I am getting the same problem: SQL logic error or missing database table “RemoteUids” already exists. If I delete the files as you recommend then presumably I’ll lose all my emails. If I then restore them from a backup, won’t I simply re-introduce the error? How can I fix this without destroying my emails (most of which aren’t on the server). I am using POP3 and SMTP. I ran diagnostics for these and they were both OK. Thanks.

Yes, removing your database will delete all your POP3 messages, and restoring a backup may introduce the same error.

Something you may want to try before you do anything else. Close eM Client then open the web interface for your email account. Either delete all the messages there (you already have them downloaded to your POP3) or move them to a sub-folder. Make sure there is nothing left in the Inbox, then restart eM Client and see if the error persists.

If it does, then you will need to remove the eM Client database and start over. First, you want to export all your data using Menu > File > Export. 

The first option is for messages. Fortunately you can select multiple folders, and the structure will be maintained. Don’t forget your Sent folder. You will need to go through each of the other options as well if there is anything else you want to keep.

When you have done that, make a backup, just in case then after removing the database as Russel described, setup your account again as POP3. When that is done, and there are no errors, go to Menu > File > Import and import all the data back into the database.

Brilliant! I moved all emails from my inbox, shut down emClient, restarted it, did ‘send and receive all’ and there was no error. Then I moved one email back to the inbox and did send and receive again and the email came through OK. So (hopefully) no need to muck about with the database. Thanks for your help.

Looks like I spoke too soon. The same problem came back after a few days, so I did the ‘remove emails from my inbox’ trick, but it didn’t work this time. So I exported the emails etc, deleted the database, re-started it, then did an import, as you instructed. This worked, but I wasn’t given the choice of using POP3, so I’m using IMAP, which I find rather annoying, but I can live with it.
It basically works, but I keep getting errors:

These appear almost every time the client syncs, or if I do ‘Send and Receive’. Any help you can give on fixing this would be much appreciated, thanks.

Please see https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/emclient-is-not-downloading-email-from-bt