I have updated to Client 7 but its awful! Need to go back to Client 6!!!!

I have updated to 7 but need to go back to 6! you’ve put some of my mails into folders that have the same subject, therefore in some emails I have to wait ages for over 7,000 emails to load up!!! this is awful!!! I need to go back to version 6 NOW!!!

Overall I think v6 was better than v7. Like Paul says, 7 is really slow to load on start up. Think I might go back to 6 if it is possible.

I too am having several issues with version 7 and my biggest problem is that questions that have been raised by other users simply do not get answered by em support!!

One of my biggest problems is that the automatic backup no longer works as raised in quite a few threads.  In em6, the backup service would shutdown the em client, do the backup and then restart it.  Now, you have to shutdown the client manually, wait for the backup to complete and then restart the client which is a major inconvenience as I run my backups at 2am with the intention that when I start to work, I can. Not anymore since em7!

The other problem is that sometimes after the backup, the client refuses to start and I have to reboot my machine adding another 5 - 10 minutes to the process.

I have seen questions about downgrading to v6 (which I do not think will work due to possible changes in database structure) but no reply from support.

I have begun to look around for an alternative since as we all know email is the lifeblood of a company and it’s failure can cause serious issues.

I use v7 at work and v6 at home. 6 is much better!!!

Please note that the ver 7 file format is not the same as the older 6.  If you have a backup of your files from ver 6 then you can go back.  here is the web site that contains a lot of versions including the ver 6.  http://www.emclient.com/release-history    If you do not have a backup from your older version you will have to rebuild the files that were used in ver 6. 
I have been using ver 7 for a several months and it all does work but somethings are in a different manner. My backups work fine and I am using windows 8.1  and tested it in win 10.
also when installing the new version there is a prompt (forgot where) that does ask if you want to convert ver 6 files to ver 7 and all the conversion is done at install time.  One major difference is the conversation mode which I turned off.  Also check if you have local files turned on or off. If you go back I hope you can find your older ver 6 backup files.  

Anyone can go back to 6 by simply downloading it from the eMC website and installing, but remove 7 fully first. I don’t know how you retain your email intact since internal formats are different between 6 and 7 (previous post), that’s an “exercise for the student”.  I reinstalled 6 several times with no difficulty in recent weeks in chasing down a problem I thought might be a corrupt executable. In hindsight, I think the account (IMAP) itself became corrupted somehow. Whatever it was, the problem mysteriously disappeared…long story…it’s explained in previous posts of mine.

I have not tried 7 yet due to the many problem reports and plan to stick with 6 for the long term. It works fine for me, I love it, why change and invite grief?

I have just decided I have to roll back to v6 as well.  The bugs around showing unread count in nested folders (I have hundreds of folders) combined with not being able to group unread (in the unread smart folder) by the containing folder of the message means I just can’t use this version.  I have several hundred folders, and they are about 5 levels deep in some places.  

It also insists on trying to append a message every time it starts (v7) to my sent items that dates from before I installed 7.  Getting compression failures in the server.

How do you retain sorting rules?  I have about 100 sorting rules I don’t want to have to recreate.

It also is creating “conversations” out of many many unrelated emails.  Maybe some message ID confilct or thread ID or something.  But it’s pretty problematic.

If you are going back I hope you have a emclient backup before you upgraded to ver 7.
If you are using POP rather than Imap you need that else you will loose data.
If you archive email you will need that ver 6 emclient backup also
If you dont Returning to ver 6 will be very messy
Knowing which email service would be helpful as gmail is by far the best to use.
you may need to totally remove the ver 7 files that it creates when installed if you do have a emclient backup and it normally resides in user\Your id\roaming\ appdata\emclient 
But backup up everything so at least you can return to where you are if all goes bad.
as you may need to export all eml files in your current version in case you need them.
Good luck 

Turn off conversations to see if that helps  menu_tools_settings_mail_read     look for conversatons

I just upgraded and wish I hadn’t.  I have over 4000 unread emails according to version 7.  It’s all messed up now.  Problem with Trash folders on start up.  Can’t delete emails unless I drag them.  S-L-O-W to start up.  I never had a problem with version 6.  Now I don’t know if I’ll be able to roll back to version 6.

Provide info
What is your mail service  gmail, yahoo ?
POP  or Imap
Did you create a EMCLIENT Backup in ver 6
What is your pc  operating system  what version
Do you have a pc backup
do you use the archive emclient process

HELP HELP HELP!!!  Got the “eMClient needs to update message”, read thru the message, did NOT see anything about this being a major upgrade to a new version that is NOT NOT NOT properly compatible with the old.  Now I can’t find half of my stuff, bunch of things don’t work the same, etc, etc.  THIS TOTALLY SUCKS … this is the sort of effing useless sh1t that the bottom-feeding sewerscumbags at  MICROSUCKS pull.  Have been using emclient couple years, don’t need this cr@p.

Please somebody tell me how I can roll back to version 6.  I am running Windows 7.  Ran an emclient backup yesterday so have all of my mail except maybe half-dozen emails are backup up.


IMAP(?) - I have "IMAP/[folder] labels, and IMAP checked in gmail settings 

Backup:  Probably not, I thought EmClient just mirrored gmail, so I didn’t think it’d be necessary.

Windows 7, service pack 1

No backup - I just use cloud services for files

Archive Process - never heard of it - how do I find out? 

1 The most important question is   is the emclient backup from ver 6  or ver 7 
2 Do  an export Menu-File-export     file eml  which are the emails to a location you decide on. this will provide raw emails (may be needed) 
Based on the answer to first question  I may be able to help you .Note the emclient backu[ps end in zip
I ask for several questions  just answer them if you want help

Ok got the info  I need to step away for one hour  I think I can get you back since you are using IMAP   But for extra safety run the export of eml files  and run  then emclient backup  to a private location (where you know where it is)   under th Menu-File menus

1  I am a user like you so what I propose may not be what you are looking for
2  Without an emclient backup you will not be able to get back to the exact position before the update as the backup contains rules, acct info password  etc  and without it you may not get to where you were
3  I can only get you to a fresh install of ver 6 and then you will have to set up your acct s again rules etc
4  Since you are using IMAP all your real email is on gmail server and only have a copy of it in emclient.  If you were using POP you would loose everything
5    Verify all the steps (that you can find them before proceeding)

A  this site http://www.emclient.com/release-history contains older version of the software  including ver 6 the latest verion of 6 should be ok to use.
B  download the version you need.
C  uninstall ver 7 completely  also check  folder  C:\Users\your_id\AppData\Roaming\emclient  and make sure it is empty
D  install your version 6
E  re define your accounts and other items

If you cannot see the folder “users”     go to    Control panel    Folder Options  View         check 
       show hidden files and folders    its about 5 items from the top

The emclient_backups  backup all the parameters and is needed to restore  the configuration that you spent hours in doing .    Archive  function moves emails from gmail to your local machine but since you did not know that term it is mostly off .  If you have cloud backups that can go back to the date before you updated you may be able to restore that folder as I stated in item  C. after you install ver 6.  Should work

Note this Users  folder may appear as Documents in your cloud backup each cloud backup is different.

If you are able to get it back to your satisfaction   please use their backups on weekly  basis   
If you had that it would have been easier to restore . 
Hope this helps

Thank you, very much!  I’ll search to see if I have a version 6 backup.  I believe version 7 created a backup and I assume I can’t use it.  It might have “replaced” any old backup files.   I don’t recall have too much trouble setting up version 6 - had to fool around a bit over time to get it exactly how I wanted.

additional note  If you had an emclient ver 6 backup  step E  would have been restore the backup  done