I fixed gmail pop3 authentication problems. POP3 is supported

Over the past few days emclient has been unable to pop3 into my gmail accounts. I was getting password requided errors saying Server says auth username and password not accepted.

What you need to do is Create and Use App Passwords in google. Google will create a special 16 digit password that you put into emclient. You also tell google that this password is for mail.

To create an app passsword you have to have 2 step verification turn on on your google account.

Then create an app password in google account / security / generate app password.

After you get the 16 digit password, use it in emclient Account / General / Authentication / Password.

You can now use pop3 with gmail.


Yes you can use App passwords with Google like Microsoft as well, but Google & Microsoft don’t recommend using them now for security reasons “to protect you” and prefers you now to use IMAP with OAuth & 2FA as well an added protection.

App passwords are normally only used in older outdated “Less secure mail clients” who cannot connect with the recent OAuth Secure access.

eM Client has also supported the new secure mail access since eM Client V7. So you are best to protect yourself to use / setup IMAP with OAuth.

Note:- Google and Microsoft could also at anytime disable app passwords as well for POP so it’s risky staying on that type of setup.

Thank you SO MUCH for this. I refuse to use IMAP and POP has worked so well for me and the way my different devices handle emails. This was a LIFESAVER for me. So until Google gets rid of the “generate password” I think I’m good to go!

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Perfect, I solved, thanks!
I just add this video I found there to show how 2 step verification: Gmail Outlook Not Working ? Username and Password Not Accepted ? - YouTube



I refuse to use IMAP

Do you not trust IMAP mail servers ?

Have you had a bad experience in the past ?

It’s not a question of trusting the imap servers - it’s more how email is processed on different devices when my partner and I do things differently in emclient. I did try it before I found the workaround and I didn’t realize that all my emails (including 15 years of archived folders) would be uploaded back to the server. So I woke up with a notification from Google saying I’d used up all my storage and couldn’t send or receive emails until I resolved that.

I had discovered years ago that I could use POP by putting this in front of my email address login name in emclient - ex: recent:name@emailaddress. Now adding the app password instead of the account password and everything seems to be working fine again.

So - imap is great if it works for you. It didn’t work for me.

I don’t like IMAP either. That’s why I was happy to find this fix. I like POP and SMTP.


I woke up with a notification from Google saying I’d used up all my storage and couldn’t send or receive emails until I resolved that.

Ok I see. I and most of my friends now pay Google $2.50 p/m for 100GB of space so haven’t had that problem with Gmail IMAP mail.