I do a lot of highlighting in email bodies. Please consider a quick too for this

Hey all. I have seen this thread before, in 2015. So I am constantly having to inline response my own responses (see below in orange) or to call out/separate work I am assigning in emails. One thing many email clients do is a quick highlight. Select a word, right click “highlight”, keystroke, or a tool where you choose the color (yellow, red, orange, etc). I do use EMCs background color but I typically need to highlight 3-4 things when I do this. It is clunky and slow. I would love either some way to recall last format (IE the format painter sticky with a keystroke) or a toolbar item that is dedicated to highlighting. I have cobbled together 2 solutions but they are clunky - one involves autohotkey and the other the quicktext function, but both break at different situations and are frustrating. If EMC would give me a .net plugin capability I would write one for the community!

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To answer a part of your question.

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yes, I do that. I wrote “I use EMC’s background color” but if you have 4 pieces to highlight its not a great workflow as I also set an offsetting foreground (white on red say). I am saying allow that to be called out via keystroke or right click would be transformative for me for sure!

Changing font, size, foreground color and background color is pretty annoying in eM Client.
Why can’t it be made as Word has it?
I mentioned it already half an year ago…

The gold standard. Love this popup from Office365 web.

I personally use the @Son-of-A-Gun example way all the time and it works fine for me :slight_smile:

hah but one of the reasons I love (and write) software is that it is malleable. Why not make things more efficient? Again say you had 5 passages to highlight in 2 different colors, 1 for each person, while writing stream of consciousness. Highlight text. Dropdown a toolbar, select a background color. Dropdown toolbar again, select text color. That’s 4 clicks for 1 passage. I’m saying that look at competitors - highlight text get a floating toolbar. 1 click done.