I could cry - IMAP troubles

i installed eM Client fresh on a clean system.

display and handling of my Zoho IMAP folders is pure horror.

developers! i don’t have to call you out any further explicitly here and spend any more lines: you sure know hat you have done.

Is IMAP so difficult???

display and handling of my Zoho IMAP folders is pure horror

What is the problem with your Zoho folders. Can you elaborate on that and do an example screenshot of the problem you are having.

Note:- Blank out anything personal.

no IMAP folders like sent, trash, …:

instead eM Client custom folders.

IMAP folders only appear briefly when they contain content.

I already disabled automatic folder detection but the names of the IMAP folders in the text input for manual configuration already look correct.
I verified their names by their folder’s properties when the folder was briefly visible. eM Client’s custom folders names by their name inside their properties are not my IMAP folders names:
wrong for “sent” folder:

however they do actually contain the content i expect from the correct folder.
But the eM Clients custom trash folder has no context menu entry “empty trash”:

when i delete inside that custom trash folder ithe messages reappear instantly.

only when the correct trash folder is briefly visible and i open that’s context menu and when i empty that correct trash folder thereby do the messages disappear also from the eM Client custom folders.

Furthermore: a draft of a message being written was shown inside the emails conversation history in the inbox and remained there after sending. When i deleted that draft in the eM Client custom draft folder, the whole email thread was gone from the inbox. I “undid” (ctrl+z) this action and the message thread reappeared in the inbox only after an eM Client restart.
The latter is a new issue since some days in the previous install: messages are not visible inside the inbox when they are already in my iPhone inbox until after a restart of eM Client.

I can only put 1 embedded media in my post, i could cry again !!! tell me BEFORE i use my time !!!

That is because you have chosen to only show them when they are unread. If the messages in the folders are read, the folder will be hidden away in the More folder. Just right-click on the folder and choose Show. It will move back to its original position and always be visible. If you later want to hide the folders away again, right-click on a folder and choose Hide.

Drafts are part of a conversation, so will be listed there. If you delete a conversation, all the messages that make up the conversation will be deleted. If you want to delete just one message in a conversation, right-click in its body and choose Delete. If you select the conversation in the list and delete it, you delete the WHOLE conversation.


this is not the case. I haven’t made any explicit setting. It’s a fresh install and a fresh configuration. The “more” folders do not contain the IMAP folders (i looked at their name in their properties). The “more” folders are the eM Client “custom” ones as I termed them, the actual IMAP folders (as given by their name in the account) are not seen. Also the actual IMAP folders, when visible, show a fitting icon, the “more” folders show generic icons.

I do not expect conversation/threads to be in the draft folder. When I click a draft message in the message pane (not the preview pane) inside the draft folder I like to have the action apply only to the draft message.

Additionally, when sending emails to an account other than my own, the following error occurs:
“Message couldn’t be processed. The following error occurred. Choose another account to send the message. The folder was deleted.”

But the message did get send (at least it is in the “more” = eM Client custom “sent” folder), also this is when the message also appears as a draft and where I wanted to delete such a message yesterday.

No, those are not created by eM Client. The come directly from your server. The icons next to the folders show they are folders provided by your server, but not the official ones. Spam for example has a distinctive icon, so does Send. Probably these where created by another app, or the server, but they do not come from eM Client.

A conversation is a group of related emails, so those received, their replies, and their pending replies.

eM Client only creates one set of folders; Local Folders and they look like this:


See the distinctive icons.

When you add an IMAP account, server folders appear in eM Client mapped from the server to similar folders under each account and they have the same distinctive icons. Any other folder with the plain folder icon, are created by you, probably in another application, but they are not from eM Client.

Though it could be some server issue.

Who hosts the email account?

I understand.

Do you have an idea about why the “proper ones” are only visible briefly? Do you have an idea about you considering an update?

Also, about the receving emails issue I mentioned some more lines above which I experienced recently, somebody else appears to have the same issue:

Zoho is the email provider and their IMAP server adress are correctly autodetected in eM Client account settings

otoh in zoho online those folders are not visible:

Here’re the settings inside eM Client account config:

Please change that back to Automatically detect special folder names, so tick the option, then Save & Close.

Restart eM Client.

done, no difference. I unchecked it originally to try to solve the issue.

Also about the emails not receving: i started the account diagnosis around 10 minutes ago. Now after the restart my inbox shows the diagnosis test emails.

With prior eM Client versions I occasionally did have IMAP issues but rare and eM Client rather worked flawlessly.


Googling around why some folders don’t appear in mail client’s when setting up Zoho IMAP accounts,

This can sometimes be because eg: In your “Zoho settings online”, some peeps “didn’t have the folders set to enabled / checked” which then “they wouldn’t appear in mail client’s” when adding IMAP accounts. So check you have your missing Zoho folders enabled / checked in your mailbox to show then in eM Client. See Zoho link & example screenshot image below how to check that.

So similar to Gmail where you “also have to enable folders and labels to be visible in your Gmail account online” to get them to show in eM Client IMAP accounts.

Note:- If you have already enabled those missing folders (visible in your Zoho account online", could then maybe be an issue with eM Client and Zoho IMAP accounts, and you might have to send logs in etc to be diagnosed.

“Zoho folder settings”


View in IMAP client - You can decide to show / hide the folder in IMAP clients by selecting/ deselecting the checkbox in this section, respectively.

“Click on any folder name to open a pop up with details of the folder. This pop up includes Folder Name, Folder path, Visibility, Size, and emails counts”.

(Zoho Example folder screenshot show how to enable folders for IMAP Mail clients).

Thank you for your assistance. Folders are already enabled for IMAP (like indicated by the eye icon in the screenshot of Zoho online folders I posted before).

I would send logs. Which?

And I apologize for my written expression of frustration at the beginning of this thread.

@cyberzork can i send logs?


can i send logs?

If you have eM Client Pro and are currently “still inside your included support time period”, suggest you contact eM Client support via the following page who can further assist you.

eM Client VIP Pro support page)


When you get there, login and “lodge a VIP support ticket”. EM Client support will then advise you “what you need to send in” or do as far as logs go etc" to diagnose your IMAP Zoho folder problem.

If however you are not a registered Pro user, then hopefully one of the other users on this free forum can help you. There are a few free forum users who have Zoho accounts.

i’m a registered Pro user, even lifetime license, however I doubt i’m still in the support period.

I tried “forgot password” and assigned myself a new one but i receive the message “invalid email or password”. @cyberzork

Edit: browser prefilled my username instead of my email. Now i received the message i need to extend support.

Thank you for your help.


i’m a registered Pro user, even lifetime license, however I doubt i’m still in the support period.

Edit: browser prefilled my username instead of my email. Now i received the message i need to extend support.

If you are certain that was the correct email address / username you originally registered your eM Client Pro with, then sounds like your Pro support period has expired and you would need to renew that. You can renew that via the following link - VIP Support Extension | eM Client