I can't absolutely find out HOW TO SEND any email. WHERE IS outbox?

I can’t absolutely find out HOW TO SEND any email. The program received many emails and I wanted to forward some, and it occured that the email have been changed - by whom?? I wanted to correct the wrong changes but it was almost impossible. Whatever I tried to do, clicked on some options and the program made nothing or made something else. And, when I eventually decided to send, it was NOT ANY OUTBOX, but program sent me messages that there are 3 letters in outbox. But not any option to send them! WHERE IS THE OUTBOX??? I have not found any so I created outbox - but not any letter went there. I could not find my sent letters, they did not go either to the sent box, which was not either, I created it, but my created boxes DO NOT WORK! I think there is VERY DIFFICULT and unconvenient program to use. And not any description how to do, very difficult to find options you need. But somebody say me how to send email and where is outbox???

to ‘send’ a new email, click on ‘+ New’ - top left corner. Click on drop down arrows on your email address in ‘Mail’, beneath your email address - top left corner.
Many problems with this email app !!!

to ‘send’ a new email, click on ‘+ New’ - top left corner.
For other boxes …Click on drop down arrows on your email address in ‘Mail’, beneath your email address - top left corner.
Many problems with this email app !!!

Hello Anna,
your Outbox is in Local folders and can be also viewed through Smart folders.
To see Outbox in Smart folder, right click the Smart folders and choose to show Outbox.
To view Local folders go to Menu>Tools>Settings>General and choose to Show local folders.

If you are having trouble sending emails, please go to Tools>Operations window and copy any Errors from the Error tab. If there are errors, please also include the content of the Log window.



I guess you should add that each POP-Account has its own “Outbox” in eM-Client, listed below the POP-Account ́s Inbox.

IMAP-Accounts do not - they all use the one Outbox listed in “local Folders” - as you wrote…

(It ́s easy to understand, if you know how POP vs. IMAP works…)


Hello Fritz,
yes, that is true, but I suspect that since Anna could not locate the Outbox she only has IMAP or Exchange accounts set up.


Hi friends,
I wanted to send NOT A NEW emails, but Further… (forgot in English, I have the Swedish version),  but anyway, to click SEND, made that the message disappeares somwhere and I get message that it is not send in Outbox. BUT HOW TO SEND IT from Outbox which you can’t see?? Those things you describing I CAN’T FIND! I HAVE NOT ANY Smart Folders! NOT ANY title called FOLDERS, ONLY Inbox, Draft and Trash. NOTHING MORE will not show itself, what I don’t try. I clicked 100 times on Show folder, but NOTHING HAPPENED. I still getting message that I have 4 emails in OUTBOX, but NOTHING I can do to send them, any clicking on SEND ALL do not work!

When I click send, email disappearing but NEVER is sent. When I want close program I keep getting message that it is 4 emails in Oubox - but I can’t send them, there is NOT ANY outbox.
And yes, there is MANY OTHER problems. I thought there were problems with Windows Live Mail, so I download this, but it is  MUCH WORSE! For example when I want FURTHER sent email which was received (Only thing this app does is receiveing emails!) it occurres that the text changed, pictures disappeared and it need to be much corrected - BUT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to do! There are options, but they DO NOT WORK!

Hello Anna,
can you please screenshot the error message you get when you try to send the message/when you disappear?
Is any error shown in Tools>Operations>Error window?


Hi Anna, 

Writing (angry?) Text in UPPERCASE is less helpful than a good, old-fashioned Screenshot :slight_smile:

The Application has a Status-Window. Did you ever check that?

Its down there in the bottom-left corner.

It either says: "last Sync at “time”  or is collapsed to this:

Click on it, to see the Status-Window, which will show if there
are any issues with Data-Communication etc.


I am not getting either ERROR messages! Emails which I tried to send disappeare, only message I get is that when I try to CLOSE the app, message says that I have 4 emails in OUTBOX- but I can’t find any Outbox.
It is no use to show you a screenshoot, ALL IS IN SWEDISH! Do you understand Swedish?

Where is the Status Window? It is nothing like that in Swedish which could mean it…

I could not make a screenshoot of any Menu or other rollists, they disappear when I click on screenshoot.

The only Error Message I am getting is that the try for my sever connection failed  (you have it below in Swedish) - byu the way, I am getting messages but can’t sent. I hav account both POP3 and IMAP and only ONE account.

Translation: ‘Connecting to your server failed [SMTP]. It can depend on temporar breake or wrong settings. Check settings’

I have absolut right settings, because I am getting and sending mails on the same settings on Window Live Mail. In eM Client mail I have both SMTP  and IMAP.

Sorry, I can’t see any STATUS WINDOW either. Yes, I am angry because nothing works and this is very difficult to find things you say to me, because I HAVE ALL IN Swedish. I translating but I d on’t still get anything you describing to me or almost ANYTHING.

Hello Anna,
I think that with the communication problem we seem to be having here it might be best if you contact me directly.
Please contact me at rust@emclient.com with a link to this forum thread in the message, please.
If you attached a log (Logg from the Operationer window) after the error pop up that would be helpful as well.


Hi Anna,

No need to be angry with us here, since we all are trying to help…

If you prefer to see the Application eM-Client in another language:

Without restart of the Application, eM-Client is now displayed in the Language of your desire.

the " Status-Window"   (in German its called “Sync-Vorgänge” = Synchronisation Tasks)
will be shown if you click right here:

but I guess you already found that out…

Olivia already invited you to contact her directly. (see above).

Things to think about:
is there any “Firewall” or other "Security-"Software on your Computer
that might  perhaps block Mail-Sending?

Computers exchange Data by using “Protocols” which define when and how Data is sent and received,
how communication-errors are detected and how to correct them etc…
For receiving Messages from the Mail-Server your Computer uses either POP or IMAP - Protocol.
For sending Messages a protocol called SMTP is used.

Since there is malware (“Virus”) out there which misuses Computers for sending out Spam it 
is possible, that e.g. your Virus-Scan-Software (or something else) blocks SMTP from
Sending Messages if the Source is another Application than your “Windows Live Mail”-Application.

this is just guessing  to show that there are lots of possible reasons for this issue…


don ́t worry about that, thats “normal” ,
you need “special” Screenshot-Tools to grab menus etc…


I have found now Smart Folders and many other and Outbox is shown! And I see there my 4 emails I tried to send. But it does not go.
Of course I am VERY GRATEFUL for your help and when I changed language to English, all became much easier. If I can send emais from other post program, why should my AVG protection stop just eM Client for sending emails? I clicked on ‘Send all messages’ but nothing happened. All settings are correct, I believe, the same as on WLM.
Could you say me also, if I CAN NOT change content of FORWARD sending emails? Somewhere on the way the content became wrong and I wanted to correct faults, but it looks imposible! Is it not allowed to change forwarded email?
Regards, Anna