How to send from catch-all alias?

I’ve selected the checkbox to allow catch-all alias on my email account, but I can’t figure out how to use it for sending.

The documentation only mentions that any incoming mail will go into that inbox, but doesn’t mention how to set the email address for sending mail.

There is a feature request asking for this functionality, and someone responded to use this catch-all alias checkbox, but they say it will then just automatically set the from address to the same as the incoming address you’re replying to. No mention how to set it manually or to set it on a new email.

When I create a new email, the drop-down menu that appears when I click the from address still looks the same. It has a list of all the accounts, and the aliases that are available on those accounts in a submenu. But there is no option to enter in an address manually to make use of the catch-all alias.

I tried selecting the account that has catch-all enabled and replying to an email. It doesn’t show me any option to use the same address the original email was sent to, and when I actually send the reply, it uses the default email address on the account.

What am I missing? Could someone please explain step by step how to send an email using an arbitrary address that I enter directly when sending the email, rather than having to go into accounts first and manually adding an alias?

Thank you

Maybe related if your question was foriOS

Thanks Mike, one of the comments is related, but it is just reiterating what it should do, but it’s not working for me. The comment says:

The catchall alias option in eM Client means that whatever address it was sent to on your domain, regardless if you have that setup as an alias or not in eM Client, the reply will go from the same address it was sent to.

But when I reply to an email and select the account with the catch-all enabled, it just uses the account’s main email address.

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Well, that won’t work, because now you have change the address it will be sent from. To use this feature, simply select a message and reply to it. Don’t change the from address yourself.

Probably your server doesn’t support this, at least not in a way that can be used by eM Client.

OK I worked out what the problem was.

The SMTP configuration you set the “allow catch-all aliases” feature on has to be applied to the same “account” as the POP/IMAP configuration that fetched the email you’re replying to.

In my case, the SMTP account is a paid service so I had it set up on a different “account” in em client. I just combined that SMTP configuration into the account containing my incoming POP configuration, and now it does indeed change the from address automatically.

Em Client could certainly handle all of this better. In fact there’s really no need at all for an “account” to be a combination of incoming and outgoing services, and this is a good example of why it just makes things more complicated than it needs to be.

The way Em Client now automatically sets the From address for me is a nice feature, but I’d also like to be able to send an email from an arbitrary catch-all address without it having to be a reply. At present I still have to go into the account configuration and add the specific alias to do that, whereas it would be much more convenient if I could set it in the new mail window itself.

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