Alias while replying emails on latest iPadOS app


I’m using many aliases for many email accounts on emClient on iPadOS. Sending an eMail with any of those accounts works perfectly, the receiver does not know about my main mail address.

However, when receiving a replied email, with any of those aliases, replying myself does not automatically select the appropriate alias again for answering, but the appropriate main address.

Various other clients, eg TB on Windows, does automatically answer any incoming mail, sent to one of my aliases, with the correct alias.

There is no setting in emclient on iPadOS for achieving the same behaviour.
If not, can you please such an option?


The next mobile release will have catchall aliases, which we already have in the desktop version, and that should resolve the issue for you.

If not, just let us know.

Thanks Gary for your reply!

A catch-all alias, at least when configured in my providers email settings, should be a different thing, shouldn’t it?

My “issue” is different: I’ve set up an alias e.g. [email protected] at my provider and within emClient. My main account is however [email protected]

I get an incoming email, addressed to [email protected]. When pressing the reply button, the senders email address is set to [email protected]. I would have expected that the senders address is set automatically to [email protected] as this was the original receiver.

A catch-all would accept any incoming email address targeted to
This would lead to the same challenge, though: Before replying, I would have to select the appropriate alias again.

The catchall alias option in eM Client means that whatever address it was sent to on your domain, regardless if you have that setup as an alias or not in eM Client, the reply will go from the same address it was sent to.


Ah, that sounds reasonable, thanks!

Any estimated date when the new beta will arrive?

So catch-all just arrived on iPadOS. Thanks for this.

I enabled this on my account: [email protected].

I’m using a second account [email protected], sending a test email to [email protected].
This address is an alias set up at provider level.

The test email arrived as expected, sender is [email protected], incoming at account [email protected].

So, now when immediately replying to this incoming email, the receiver [email protected] sees [email protected]! I expected [email protected], though.

Did I understand this new catch-all option wrong? What is the exact purpose of this option, how does it work if not as described above?


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No clue anybody? @Gary

its simply not working on mobile apps yet. i am using android app its not working.

its working fine on desktop clients. hope they will fix this in next update.

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its not working on android. there is option and i enabled it. its not working right now. hopefully will be fixed in next updates. Thanks.