How to Remove Tags

I have dropped responsibility for a voluntary organisation I used to work for and need to clear the tags from about 100 emails.
When I go to “Tags” and select the appropriate tags eM Client shows all the emails but in the Tags column it says “None” which is incorrect. Apparently the programmers have decide if you are looking at the Green Tagged items under the Tags - Green heading it is appropriate to show the Tag as “None” which is silly and annoying but they aren’t willing to change it.
Anyway I need to change all the green Tags to “None”. I tried to write a rule but I can select any Tag except “None” to set in the rule!
Has anybody written a rule for this and can anybody suggest a way of bulk changing the Tag for 100 emails please?
Many thanks.

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Does this help?

Many thanks sunriseal.
I think eM Client have got Tags completely wrong, they are useful (to me) but when they show and when they don’t is illogical, but I was told the programmers won’t change it.
To me it is rather like what column headings are available depending on which email folder you are viewing, they should all be available always and I will decide what I want to see, I am a grown up so I can make decisions like that.
Sadly I think the programmers are hung up on looks when there are some technical issues that they ignore like timeouts when collecting email and automatic white listing of the address book that most email programs have nowadays.

I would suggest that you post in the “Feature Request” category and not rely on what someone may have told you.

I originally reported the issues as I thought it was a bug but eM Client said it was Working As Designed and wouldn’t be changed.