How to manage/disable automated tagging (orders, social, etc.)

How can i manage or disable this really annoying auto tagging for emails?

For example: Every email from PayPal is being tagged as “order”, every email from Twitter is beeing tagged as “social” and so on.

I can change the tag to “none” for each email, but there is no option in the settings (or at least i can’t find it) to turn off this automated categorisation. And i even can’t see “orders, social, etc.” in the list of tags to edit them. This makes no sense and is very unprofessional.

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Let me guess, you’re using Gmail? They have a complex tag system instead of using real folders and it’s very apparent when it’s exposed in eM Client.

To fix this, you’ll need to adjust your settings online at and turn off (hide) all the categories.

The next thing you can do in eM Client is turn off the “important” tag in your account settings by going to Menu > Accounts > (select your gmail account) > IMAP tab > Tags > Show Important Tag > Never

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No, i don’t use Gmail.

I use and i already used them before EM Client v8 - and there was no automated tagging. It seems to be a new “feature” and i just want to have the option to disable/manage it, cause it is annoying to get your emails tagged wrong or at all and to have them re-/untag manually for each email.

The “tag” option in EM Client seems not available for me. I see:
[ ] show only local tags (translated, since i use the german version)
Show important Tag:
(but here is nothing to check or a “never” option)

ok try to disable categories for then,the%20main%20„Email“%20view.


Nice, i will try this. Thank you!

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