How to keep groups collapsed?


each time I open eM Client again after previously leaving/closing it, I have all groups open although I have collapsed them in the previous session. I’d like to have at least all old groups (Yesterday, Last week, etc) collapsed, when I start eM Client for focussing on the latest mails.


Hi, unfortunately this is currently not possible, we are planning on changing this, so the application remembers the setup,
hopefully it will be implemented soon.

I hope you can manage to use the current settings, please be patient,
thank you, Paul.

Any chance we get this improvement, i’d love this!

I really need this, too.  Please move it up on the priority improvements list. Thanks!

Hello, we’re considering improving this in future release to at least keep the original state before turning off the application, however no set date for including this option in the application has been set yet.

Hope you understand.

It was over a year ago that you said this would be done.  Any idea when it will actually be put into place?

Is this going to be done yet?

Hi. We are testing out your email client and maybe looking to purchase for our business. I was looking for a way to save the collapse option and came across this post. This is very annoying and was wondering when this would be fixed? I think its about the only thing keeping me from making a purchase. Thanks

since this thread is set as an idea topic, we’ll go through it when we evaluate improvements for the next versions and releases.
Make sure to +like this topic so we can push it up to considered improvements.

Best regards,

+1 for this feature

Well 4 months on and still the Groups collapse each time I change folders. When are we likely to see this changed or shall I return to Thunderbird/Lightning?

Really is very annoying to keep clicking collapse groups every time you change from one folder to another. That is something that you do easily in Outlook and if you are trying to compete a little bit with them you are not looking too good.

New demo user.
Hi has this collapsing of folders/groups been rectified ? - They do not stay closed in the trail version and this will determine if I purchase or not

I would appreciate a response to my question above please !

I believe the answer is no, it has not been rectified.

Thanks Jay, big shame considering so many have requested it over several years from what I see,

I understand.  You can, however, quickly collapse by right clicking on a group and select “Collapse all groups”.  Not perfect, but at least fast.

Spent the last 2 weeks doing that… ridiculous when I’m sure it’s a fairly easy fix programming terms.

Thanks again for replying, appreciated that,

any update on that? its really frustrating every time to collapse all groups!!!

this post is 6 years old, and this hasn’t been implemented yet?!? Maybe I should look around for more up to date software!