How to highlight new incoming emails?

Hi Everyone,
Until now I used Mozilla Thunderbird. Last few months I am using eM Client. I like it very well! Honestly I miss the feature which provides highlighting new incoming emails in different folders (I am using filters for selecting incoming emails).
The theme indicates that I have some unread messages in a folder (bold numbers), but I cannot see are they new emails or old ones.
I would like to change the color of the folder name or the indicator number of unread emails.
Do somebody have any idea how to solve this issue?
Thank you so much!
Robert from Hungary

If you are using a custom theme, go back to the default theme as new messages are definitely bold in that one, or try some of the others and see if there is a difference. It may also be that your monitor is not correctly configured; too bright or not enough contrast. A good online tool for calibrating is

Of course you will always find all unread messages from all folders in the Smart Unread Folder.

I’m having the same issue after switching from Thunderbird. It’s not that unread messages aren’t easy to see - they are. It’s that the mailbox / folder doesn’t get highlighted when new unread messages are pulled in.

No, the folder does not change appearance, except that that unread count increases.

Exactly, unless you keep a record of how many unread emails you have in each mailbox / folder, there’s no way to know if new emails have come in. (And even if you did keep a record, it would be a slow process to check each one). A simple visual change like changing the folder name colour or font weight would make it easy to see which mailboxes / folders have new messages that require your attention.

There is always the Unread Favorite Folder. That lists all unread messages, by default in order received, so those at the top of the list will be the new ones.

Another similar option is to use system notifications. On Windows 10 all new messages will be listed in the Windows Action Center, so you can see which have just arrived since your last visit to the list.

I started using the trial version a day ago. I am satisfied with all functionality except the most important of all… which is the reason I wanted an email client in the first place… highlight of all email account that received new email. This is a simple functionality in any email client. My not seeing this implemented by the end of my trial period, will tell me how serious & reliable this company is. And I will be out for good.

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