How to configure eM Client to work with Skype?

How do I configure eM Client to work with Skype account?

eM Client though can not replace Skype, since Skype is a proprietary software and does not open its protocols to the public, eM Client can however work along side with Skype and act as a surrogate agent for all Skype functions. This means while Skype and eM Client are both running, eM Client can handle Skype instant messaging as well as Skype calls.

Connecting eM Client with Skype

In order to use Skype functions in eM Client, we must first allow eM Client to connect to Skype.

When Skype and eM Client are both running, eM Client will automatically send service request to Skype. Skype in turn will ask you whether you wish to let eM Client access Skype.

In this Skype prompt which appears when Skype detects eM Client, click Allow access to connect the two programs.

Setting up Skype in eM Client

Once eM Client is connected to Skype, you can link your existing or create new contacts for your Skype contacts. For details on how to link a contact to an IM service or hot to manage contacts, please refer to Managing Contacts.

To add Skype info to an existing or new contact, in the Contact property window, in the Instant Messenger section click Add…

In the Add IM Contact window click on the drop-down list next to the Instant Messaging service field, and select Skype in the list of IM services.

Press Select next to the Skype name field, eM Client will automatically import a list of all your Skype contacts. Select the one you wish to be added to the current contact. Click OK and then Save to finish associating Skype with your contact.

Using Skype in eM Client

Once a Skype user name is added to the contact, they Skype symbol will show up in the contact list section of the sidebar. Click on the contact to bring out the popup contact info window.

In the drop-down IM action list you can select to text chat or make a Skype call to the contact.

Tip: Once a Skype name is associated with a contact, eM Client will automatically load that contact’s Skype chat log and display the Skype Chat messages in the Communications History window of the Sidebar.

In Skype, I clicked to ALLOW ACCESS for eM Client, but you’re basically saying I have to go through my contact one-by-one and link them to Skype contacts.

There’s no way to import Skype contacts?

Currently there’s no way to import all the Skype contacts at once, but it sounds like a useful feature. Feel free to share it as an idea, so other users can vote for it.

I have problem with connect to skype. I have checked “Use Skype Interoperability” in setting and both programs (Skype, eM Client) are runnig. But Skype not show Allow Access message. If I look to Skype to setting, the eM CLient is not in list of API programs. What I do bad???

eM Client 2.5.6362.0
Windows7 Home Premium

This is what I did:

  1. Be sure you are updated to the most recent version of Skype
  2. Set the settings in eM Client (Use Skype Interoperability)
  3. Size the eM Client windows so that it doesn’t take up the whole screen, push it to the left side. Then shut down the eM Client software.
  4. Be sure Skype is running and have the main Skype control window open on the right hand side of your screen.
  5. Start eM Client.
  6. A message should show along the top of the Skype software saying that another program is trying to access Skype with two buttons “Allow Access” “Deny Access”
  7. Click Allow Access.

After doing all that, nothing new really is visible in either program.

You still have to open one of your contacts and you’ll see that you can add new IM contact information for them (Skype). When you add their Skype username, it will show you when they’re online on Skype and let you initiate chat via skype from your eM contacts area.

Is this a 64-bit system? (You can read it in the System control panel under “System Type”, the control panel could easily be opened by pressing Winows key + Pause)

Yes, I have 64-bit system.

I’ll try it in afternoon, thanks. But I’m not sure, that help me. I tried more posibilities, but is true, that I not tried have both programs of diferent side of screen.

Skype w/ eM Client is currently not going to work on 64-bit systems due to limitations of the Skype API.… … for further reference.

Same issue on Windows 7 32bit with Skype and eM 2.5. I never got prompted to Allow eM to access Skype, and can’t figure how to set this up manually.

I tried to play with window positioning as suggested by artbrock, but to no avail.

All my Skype options in eM are grayed out.

Would appreciate any tip.


Dobrý den,

přidám se ke zdejším problémům. Mám Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit, Skype je ve verzi a spojení mezo eM clientem a Skype se nezdaří. Skype nezobrazí dotaz na povolení komunikace mezi oběma programy.

Zdeněk Bulín

i need skype!

I’m having the same problem as vojtavitasek and Mel. I am not getting the prompt. All my IM options are grayed out as well.

Skype can now be used without installing the Skype client (Trillian integrated it). Do you plan to add this feature, too?

I did see the message in Skype when I first started eM Client. At that time I denied access to eM Client in Skype.

Now I want to enable eM Client within Skype.

How can I do that? I’m not getting the option anymore in Skype to enable or disable eM Client…

This is done on Skype side, not eM Client:…

Thanks TNCS!

I tried to find a solution in Skype, but couldn’t find anything (not in Skype and not on the internet) yet.

Now it’s working.

try leave Skype open and then restart eM Client - it should work.

George Wilson