How to choose default calendar for incoming invitations?

When I accept an email invitation to an appointment, I want it to go into my iCloud calendar, not my local calendar. How do I tell em Client that incoming invitations should go to the iCloud calendar? I don’t see a setting anywhere to appoint a default or main calendar. Right now it seems like local calendar is the default. 

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My experience is that the event is placed in the calendar for the account on which it was received.

Well, that makes sense, but it isn’t what I want. 

I have about six email accounts, but only one calendar. I would hope that all meeting invitations would go into that calendar, regardless of how the email was addressed. 

For what it’s worth, Outlook allows me to designate a default calendar, into which all appointments are stored. I was hoping em Client would have a similar feature, and that I just haven’t discovered it yet. 

I looked at this after I commented earlier and came up with an option.

If your email account isn’t setup with a calendar, you can set a default calendar for that account in Menu > Tools > Accounts on the General tab. I tried that and invitations sent to that account successfully appeared in the calendar I designated.

Would that work for you?


Hey, that was easy! It works perfectly, and is even pretty elegantly implemented. Just point each email account to an “off-account” calendar and it works. Thanks! 

This works fine thanks you, but I have the issue that now all invites come from the calendar holding email address, which I do not like. Is it possible to change the “sent from” account? 

Torsten, are you talking about invites that you send out?

Hey Gary,

Yes exactly. If I send out an Invite it is always sent from the email address that provides the calendar. Besides I use the local calendar folder on my computer to be the default. In that case, invitations can be sent out from the second email not providing the google calendar.

If the event is in a local calendar, it will always be sent from the default email account. Otherwise it will be sent from the calendar account in which it was created.

It might be interesting to be able to select a different sender address for local calendar events if others are available that don’t have calendars.

Yes, I agree, this is exactly the feature I am looking for. 

So up to now, this is not possible? Can I set an alias or something so it seems I am sending from the non-calendar providing mail?

Or would it be possible to mirror my local calendar in an automated fashion to the google calendar? This would be an acceptable solution. 

The problem with aliases, is that you can’t set them as the default sender address. I am not able to get that to work as you require so I think it will be up to the developers to consider adding such a feature.

You can move all the events in the local calendar to a Google Calendar. As long as that calendar is setup in eM Client, it would not be much different to using a local one.

Hmm, this sounds promising but is there a way to do it automated. I would not like to click on every appointment and say move to folder… 

thanks for the help Gary

You can move a whole calendar at one time by right-click on the specific local calendar and choosing Move Folder. This only works if it is a sub-folder of the default calendar. For the main local calendar, you would have to choose Copy Folder and then afterwards delete the local events.

I have found it easier to view your local calendar as Agenda instead of Month , (make sure to uncheck Hide Past if you want to copy older events as well) you can select all the events and choose Move to folder.

Hey Gary,

thanks for the info. Ultimately I would love to see ‘choosing the sending Email for invites’ option or a ‘mirror calendar automatically’ function implemented. 

Thanks a lot for the help and have a nice day

Setting up a Google Calendar in eM Client means it is mirrored on your PC, so there is no real reason to have another option to do that.

Yes, it would only be a workaround for the ‘send an invite from specific email’ option. 

I think this is related, so I will put it here. I did not have a default calendar for one of my accounts when an invite came in. The invite ended up going into my local folder. I now want to move that meeting to one of my Google Calendars, but it will not move. I select the folder, click save and it stays assigned to the local folder. I tried looking to see if there was something in the logs, but I have not been able to find the logs.

If yo edit the event and click on the folder at the bottom of the dialog box, it should bring up a list of the calendars.  You can highlight the appropriate calendar and it should move it.