How do you remove Account Avatar?


There are icons assigned to each email address and i was wondering how i would be able to remove icon completely instead of me having to insert a blank image to replace.

Thank you.

See this thread -

They are handy to have though as you can easily then distinguish email sender’s quickly from the avatars. Also if the avatars are too big, you can allways reduce the size of them in Settings.

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Right-click a blank area of the columns line, select “Column Configuration” and move Avatar from “Show these columns” to “Available columns”


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Thank you for the responses.
I was actually looking to remove the avatar from my List of emails not avatar from emails received.

You are asking about account avatars, which you can’t disable.

I somehow missed the mention of “account avatar”… :grinning:

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do you know how I can change that to my Gmail/hotmail account picture ? like the ones for email avatars?



Ah ok it was your Account icon. I also thought it was the Inbox column sender avatar sry.

do you know how I can change that to my Gmail/hotmail account picture

You can setup a global Gravatar icon which will then work with as your Account icon in eM Client and Gmail / Hotmail etc. Previously when i had a Gmail Profile icon, that used to automatically work for my eM Client account icon, but that stopped working for some reason some time ago, but since i setup the global Gravatar that fixed that issue for Gmail and eM Client. So suggest to try the Gravatar method.

Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatars

Also if you have had a Gravatar before and want to update it in eM Client to a new one. Change your Gravatar on the Gravatar website and then in eM Client do to “Menu / Settings / Contacts / General” and remove the checkbox “Download avatars from external sources” and click “Apply” and then “Re-check that box” again and “Apply” which will then force eM Client to d/l the new Gravatar global icon. It can take a little time to update in eM Client so be patient if you do that.

It should automatically use the profile avatar from the account when you set it up.
If not, you will need to add the avatar manually, by clicking on the image in Menu > Accounts.
If one is available for the account, it will be at the end of the predefined avatars, so just scroll down.
If not, browse and add your own.