Emclient v9 - Disable Avatar InBox

With v9 In the inbox the avatars are visible in front of each email. It’s not pretty. This interferes with good readability.
Add the function "hide avatars!

Avatar Get Out  !

Right-click on the column header and choose Columns Configuration.

Remove the Avatar column.


Sounds great ! Thank you Gary !

I personally like having the avatars in front of each email and think they are useful as you can then “quickly identify” who the email is from via the avatar icon where 99% of mine have custom icons.

emclient is very powerful:Many options for demanding users

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Is there a way to disable this as a default?
I have more than 100 different mail folders and would prefer not to have to go and disable it on all of them :wink:

I also agree for an option that disables these avatars on all folders and subfolders :+1: :+1:

You can apply folder configuration to other folders once you removed avatar from current view.
It works only if all your folders have the same configuration though.
Look at @Gary 's post above. There is the “Apply Column Configuration to Other Folders” command in the same menu as Columns Configuration command.

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Damn… missed that! and thanks. That works perfectly

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