How do you Archive messages within an Exchange account? (Thus move message to a folder called Archive or the actual Archive folder.)

I am looking for a way to either move messages to a folder called ‘Archive’ or to archive the messages right away. Preferably using a keyboard shortcut. I am using an Exchange account and version 7 of EM Client.

In Outlook, you would hit Backspace to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hello Bas,

The Automatic Archiving can be setup in Settings to create a Local archive where you can move your messages to free up space on your server. You can also move individual messages to the Archive folder by drag&dropping the message. You can also add the ‘Move to Folder’ button to the customizable toolbar (right-click the toolbar which contains Reply/Reply All/Forward/… and select Customize). There unfortunately isn’t a shortcut/button for adding messages to a local archive yet. If you’d like to see this feature in the future, please add your vote to one of the idea threads that request it.

If you wish to have an archive on your server, you can just setup a Folder with that name and drag and drop your messages into it.