How do I group my messages using conversation - as used in gmail?

I want to have all messages re a particular conversation grouped together.

And doing a sort on Subject isn’y what I’m after.

you can expect this feature in the version 5.0, released in a couple of months.

Hi George,

Look forward to that…anyway of being notified once the upgrade is done?

it is scheduled for October.

Now I have 5.0 but I still cant’ see this feature

Unfortunately, we did not make it because of lot of other scheduled items. It will definitely be implemented in the version 6.0.

Hi George. I am new to em client and think it is a great program. The only thing I feel is missing is the ability to group conversations which makes it difficult to keep track of my business emails. Is it possible to get an idea of when version 6 may be launched?

Hello. Waiting for this fonctionnality too :slight_smile: Do you know when is scheduled the 6.0 please ? Thx

Unfortunately, I cannot give you any exact time frame when it will be released but it will certainly take more than 4 months to finish it.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have removed em Client for a couple of reasons. No format painter and not able to group convos.


I was started trying eM Client just today, and I must say, it is fantastic!
How I did not found it before? Complete gmail integration, with calendar, etc, this is what I wanted forever.
Only two things is missing. One of them the grouping by conversation, and google reader integration. Is it possible?

Conversation view will be implemented in the next major version. Google reader integration is under consideration.

I am waiting for the group by convo feature too. :slight_smile: Can you release it soon please!

Thanks George for guidance on timing! em Client is really impressive and I really appreciate the tech you’ve built already.

Actually, there are some complications so I am not sure if the conversation view will be present in the version 6. Will let you know as soon as I have more information.

OK. Waiting here patiently :slight_smile:


Please keep this updated. The lack of grouped conversations is killing it for me. I used to hate it but after years of Gmail am not only used too it but find it frustrating to not have it.

"Google reader integration is under consideration. "
I think you can cancel the google reader integration :frowning:
But you can focus on message grouping :slight_smile:

PLEASE work on conversation view (“threading”) for gmail version 6.0!!



Unfortunately this feature will not be released together with eM Client 6.0, but it is in our long term plan.