How do I find email properties?

How do I find the properties of an email?  In every other email client I’ve ever had, you simply right click the email and choose properties.   Then you can learn the email address, IP information, etc., of who sent the email.  

This is VERY important in being able to determine if an email is from who it purports to be from and is safe to open without infecting your computer with a virus.

I’m wondering why the feature would even be hard to find.

Right-click on the email and choose View Mail Header.

If you are concerned about spoofing, you might want to check out the following announcement, that confirms eM Client is able to overcome mail address spoofing.

Also there are privacy settings in eM Client that allow the email to be viewed without downloading any linked content. You will find that in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy.

No such options appears when I right click on the email.  I have the paid version of the email client.

I don’t care if eml thinks it has overcome email spoofing.     It is critical to be able to actually check the email header!

Right now, I’ve got two pieces for online reviews;  the client doesn’t let you view the email header, and your support staff told me that right clicking on the email gives you an option to View Mail Header!  

I didn’t think you could possibly be support staff, until you threw in those two nonresponsive suggestions that could only have come from tech support.   

In fact, you know what, I’m just taking a screen shot of this and posting it to Twitter.   

If you have conversation mode enabled, disable it (Menu > View > Conversations) to right-click on the message in the message list, or with conversations enabled you can right-click on the message header in the message pane, or anywhere on the message.

eM Client doesn’t think it has overcome email spoofing. Mailsploit classified it as such. Please follow the link I posted above where you can read about it yourself.

I’m just taking a screen shot of this and posting it to Twitter.
Please do, and include a link to this thread.