How can I specify a default 'From' address?

I have just installed eM Client and am testing it as a replacement for MS Outlook. So far it’s looking great! But I have two email accounts set up. I want to use one from which to send all emails. How can I specify a default ‘From’ address/account for composing new messages?

In menu Tools/Account is button “set as default”.

I use non-english … button in left bottom corner.

Thanks for your reply. I have tried the ‘set as default button’. When I compose a new email, it uses the email address of the folders I am in at the time as its From address. ie. if I am in the Inbox of Account1, a new email is from sarah@account1. If I am in the Inbox of Account2, a new email is from sarah@account2. I want to be sending from sarah@account1 regardless of which folders I am in (without having to change the account every time).

Hi Sarah, yes this is the intended behavior of the application, if you’re located in one of the addresses inbox (or any other folder), by clicking new mail the mail address in which folders you are will be selected as from: address. Default address is used if you’re in a global inbox or in calendars etc.

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Thanks Paul. Perhaps I’m going about setting my email up in the wrong way. In GMail (web version), I have the following setup (Settings >Accounts and Import):

Send mail as:
(Use Gmail to send from your other email addresses)
Reply-to address: sarah@account2

Sarah [this is set as default]
Not an alias.
Mail is sent through: smtp.account2
Unsecured connection on port 25

When replying to a message:
Reply from the same address to which the message was sent
Always reply from default address (currently sarah@account2)

I use GMail to manage my emails and sync between pc, laptop and Android phone. I also use the calendar and contacts there. But I want people to see the account2 email address and never the GMail one. The settings above work fine when I access my GMail though a web browser. How do I replicate it in eM Client?


Hi Sarah, as I mentioned this is not possible in eM Client. If you have a folder of another account selected the email that has this folder assigned to it will be always selected as the from address by default, there’s no setting that could change this behavior at the moment.

Hope you can manage to use this setup.

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Hi Sarah,

As Paul has mentioned above, you can use the global smart folder ‘all inboxes’, and process your e-mail from there.

Then your ‘default’ e-mail address should be used as ‘from’.

Thanks for your replies. I still think that eM Client is a great bit of software and I have switched to using it full time. But maybe this is an option that you might think about adding to a future version?

No problem, thank you for your suggestion, we’ll make sure to consider improving this in future releases.
In the meantime if you have any other questions or issues with the application, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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I am with sarah about a default reply email However, in my global inbox (under smart folders) it does not respect that I chose the my gmail as my default account. It will always use the account to which it was sent to when sending a reply. It was indicated above that the global inbox should use the default account when replying however that is not the case. How can I fix this?


Hi Brad, this only applies to new messages, when replying the account that received the message will always be set as the reply address.


I would also love to see a way to set the default email to all new message.  I do the bookkeeping for 5 different companies.  Nobody has complained, but I find it embarrassing when I send someone at Company A and email coming from another company.

I am getting ready to pick up another client and they are lawyers, so I REALLY don’t want this to happen with them.

If we could set the default I would set up a dummy account that would not send if I forget to select the correct outgoing email account.

Hi Barbara,
while setting up a default email address for all accounts is not possible, you could avoid sending emails from the other accounts by disabling the SMTP service (if your accounts are set up as IMAP, this cannot be done for Exchange accounts).
If your accounts are IMAP, go to Tools>Accounts and click the SMTP tab on the account you wish to stop using for sending emails. Uncheck the ‘Enable Service’ box at the bottom. If you are left with only one email account with active SMTP, it will be always used for sending emails.


Hey Olivia,

No that’s not what I need, I send emails from all the accounts, just don’t want to send one from the wrong one.   Setting up a dummy account under pop email has worked well for me.  

I am usually in the combined Inbox so the new default [email protected] comes up and I immediately change it.  Hopefully that will become a habit so that if I am not in the correct inbox, I will automatically look at the sending email account and select the right one.

But it would be a nice feature in the future if EM Client could set a default outgoing email for all accounts.


I’d like to have a default from address that is used on new emails.  I’ve added an alias that I can select but I’d like it to be my default on new email being sent.  Is this possible?

Yes it works that way as long as you are in the Combined Inbox.  Go to Tools, Accounts, and highlight the one you want to be default and click the button that says “Set As Default”.

  If you are like me and sometimes need to be out of the Combined Inbox, I created Search Folders for each one like this:

This way I can look at the emails in each mailbox’s inbox.  But when I send a new email, I still get the noemail as the default sender.

I only have my gmail account set up in emclient.  I use gmail to check all my other mail accounts Yahoo, Windstream and hotmail, they all come into gmail.  So I have only the one account setup in the client.  I added an alias and that works but to use the alias I have to select it in the “From address” dropdown.  I was hoping I could set the alias as the default address so I don’t have to select it for each new email.
Oh I have no problem with replies.  They default to the address that the email was sent to originally.

Thanks for your help.

Oh, not sure how the Alias works.  Isn’t that a setting on Gmail?

Emclient has a setting in the account settings for adding several alias’s. When you set an alias and save it, when you send an email there is a dropdown box that shows up next to the “From” address. In the dropdown you will see the alias address that can be selected and your email will be sent using that address.

Hi Larry,
unfortunately it is not possible to set Alias address as a default sender.