How can I specify a default 'From' address?

Thanks for your response. I don’t think I’m unique in how I use my email accounts but for allot of us we have an email account from our local isp that we’ve used for years to contact friends and family, but we also use a web account such as gmail, hotmail or yahoo mail to collect all our mail because they work no matter where you travel. While we get some mail through these web accounts we get most of our mail via ghe local isp and having that address as a default would be great. Any consideration for a future update would be appreciated.
Thank you

I just want to add my wish that eM Client will add this feature. It is very frustrating and a waste of time to continually have to switch to my default account before composing a message. What is the point of having a default account if it doesn’t actually work that way? I think you have missed a very vital part of what “default account” means to us. I do not view my mail in the combined folder because I need to know where mail is coming from and to. Please add the ability to chose a single From address regardless of which folder we happen to be viewing at the time we open the compose window.