How can I change location of archive folder>

I recently set up eM client, moving an Imap AoL account from outlook
For some reason eM client set up an Archive folder on the server, not as a local folder
How can I change this? I created a local folder called “Archive” but archived emails still go to the folder on the server

I’m getting very frustrated! I have had to turn auto archiving off as it just moves old emails from my Inbox (on the server) to “Archive” (ON THE SERVER). Everything I read about eMClient Archive says it is a LOCAL folder, which is exactly what I want. I can see no point in archiving to the server but I can find no way of changing it…

There are two types of archiving. 

  1. Archiving as featured by your email provider.  Not all providers offer that, but if they do, Ctrl+Shift+A will move the message from it’s current folder to an archive on the server.

  2. Automatic Archiving in eM Client. This you can setup in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving. This is a time activated feature that will remove all messages over a specific age from the server and save them to a local folder.