Hotmail and AirSync Errors

Hi I’m new to eM Client and have read through a few of the posts on similar errors but have not found anything that works for me.
Just setup my Hotmail account but the emails do not sync, calendar and contacts are no problem.
Here is the error. Have tried deleting account and adding but no change.
Checked settings and all seems in order.
Using version 6.0.24928.0
Any help would be appropriated.


Unfortunately Microsoft stopped supporting AirSync, the only way to set up your Hotmail account now is via IMAP.

Go to Accounts, create a new account. Instead of using the automatic setup, click on Mail and select Other. You’ll then be prompted to enter your credentials and incoming and outgoing mail servers.
Enter “” and port 993 in the incoming mail server settings and “” and port 587 in the outgoing server settings.

After you’ve done that, go to IMAP tab in your account page and set your security policy to “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”, then navigate to the SMTP tab and set your security policy to “Force usage of SSL/TLS”.

Hi David, Thanks for the reply. That explains it.
I have tried that but for some reason my calendar and contact don’t sync when using IMAP

Hi Colin,
unfortunately it is not possible to sync calendar and contacts over IMAP at this moment.
We are working on a fix, but since Microsoft is migrating its outlook accounts slowly, with some still working with AirSync and IMAP and some moving to EWS, we can’t release a stable solution.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Any update on the Hotmail sync calendar issue? or if I get the Airsync error message does that mean my outlook account has migrated to EWS and if it has how dow I set that up?