Hierarchical tasks

A bit harsh there Greg. You can organize Tasks by tags or location, and you can even assign them to other people, so there is some structure and organization.

Then you can display them grouped by some of those fields as well.

BTW, I did change this thread to a Feature Request, so it may get more attention. :wink:

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Adding my voice to the chorus requested nested tasks.
Throw my vote in for color-coded task folders as well, but I digress.

I would like to urgently join here!

In our company we have been looking for a long time for a desktop based PIM client that allows direct synchronization with Google Workspace tooling. We thought everything would fit with eM Client until we found out that you can’t arrange the tasks hierarchically by user defined order.

Some people here have task lists with 100 or more entries (each). These are organized with their own order and obviously using subtasks.

For now, eM Client is (unfortunately) out of the race again. But should this feature be implemented, we will switch to eM Client instantly, becaues everything else looks so addictive. :slight_smile:

Even for private use subtasks are indispensable. In my family we have several private lists that require subtasks. Without subtasks you can’t even manage simple shopping lists (see example below) …

Have you considered using tags?

Unfortunately tags can not replace subtasks, as many people work with other apps in parallel. In other words, we can not use features on the desktop that are not available on the smartphone. The Google Task app is widely used here and it doesn’t support tags, so tags are no alternative.

The Google Task app only supports the following two features for organization:

  1. user-defined order (via drag&drop).
  2. the creation of subtasks with depth 1

For usability reasons, eM Client should at least provide the above two points to match the expectation of Google users. :slight_smile:

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Yes Please. I would like to add my voice to the chorus of people requesting sub-task integration, especially google sub-tasks. There are so many people using calendar and task apps on their android phones and utilising sub-tasks. It is a shame that these do not appear in emclient and cannot be added/edited. It is long overdue I think as it is a basic feature.
Děkuji mnohokrát!

So: when will it be enough people requesting this feature?

Heck, it is not that we are requesting something like a spaceship to be made out of a mail program. All the stuff is there, it just needs to be expanded …

Oh, and tags are not a valid suggestion. They work totally different

Yes I noticed the first thread about this issue was only from nine years ago! 2013 :upside_down_face:

My apolgies I was mistaken found one from 2012…

I just installed, and promptly uninstalled the free trial, while my wallet was ready to go for a lifetime license for myself, because I found that the CalDAV implementation lacks subtask / hierarchical tasks support.

This is supported on tasks.org (for android), nextcloud, evolution email client for Gnome linux desktop environments, all free software. But no one on Windows wants to take my money for implementing what they’ve already all done.

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Cmon eM, us users keep telling you what our exact needs are as professionals and in this case it’s a simple functionality that exists everywhere else except here. What is really going on over there? Bc we know this request is far from unreasonable and unrealistic.

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