The Tasks feature is as limited as the one in Outlook or Thunderbird. It is why my company uses a totally different tool with its own syncing ability.

Why on earth do so many clients NOT offer basic task management features such as subtasks?
And please don’t tell me that EMClient is not a projet management software. I dont expect this. Just a simple hieararchichal structure that allows me to sort tasks and subtasks.

We are not unappy with our current solution.
But we’d like it much more if there was ONE tool that integrated all these features. So we could send task/calendar invitations by mail and hav e mail reminders.
Currently, we are working with two different systems side by side.

We are using EssentialPIM for all calendar and task issues as well as for notes / attachments. Unfortunately, its mail client is next to useless. This is why we need at least one second tool.

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Pushing the topic. No reply at all? It’s been a week now

sorry for the delayed reply. I have discussed your suggestion with our developers and we will certainly consider it!

George, thanks a lot.
I am wating for some more info. Please let us know as soon as you have decided / planned anything.

One question on the side: Is it likely that something like this will make it into EMClient in the near future?

Sorry, we decided not to implement this feature at the moment but we will reconsider it when a significant number of customers will require this feature.

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well. this renders the client almost useless to me.
but thanks for being open about it

I’m interested by this feature too

I am interested aswell! :slight_smile:

I’d love to have a competent task management system. Subtasks are nice, but the whole system would need to be redesigned. For example, currently the start date is, well I don’t know what it is. I have a task that starts 5/5/22 - and it still shows every day now, Oct 14 2021. I can’t have my daily tasks cluttered with stuff that won’t be available to do for over 6 months! I’m forced to use the calendar function as all day events for tasks that come at a certain time and repeat and need to be seen then and not clutter up forever. Some things repeat every 5 months. No need to see them until the start time.

Anyway, a task system that isn’t an afterthought would be great.

So, EM client: What’s the situation here? This is NINE (in numbers: 9) years after this topic has been opened. It has also been discussed thoroughly in other threads.

The missing subtasks / hierarchy feature is the only reason why I am still not switching to EM client. Is it really such a big task to add this feature? I see that a LOT of people are asking for it.

Assuming this is not the case because they do not pester you all the time is not wise: We are all individuals with simply too many things to take care in real life. For normal people it is not an option to keep pushing the same topic over and over again.

So: What is the current situation on the implementation of subtasks such as Nextcloud offers them? Actually: such as the defacto standard is in all serious task management apps …

Really? Version 9 is getting a revamped tasks section inspired by “GTD”?

But why is there no way to organise things into projects as suggested by David Allen?

I don’t get it…

Oh: Is there anyone from EM client reading this forum?

Hello :slight_smile:
I came across this thread while searching for the task function of em client. Unfortunately, what the program offers is really too little.

The rudiments are there after all. I am so looking for a program that integrates mails, tasks and calendar. Just: reading this thread here and the response rate give little hope that I will change that soon… I continue to wait anyway