Hierarchical tasks

In a future release of em Client please consider letting users create a
hierarchy of task and subtasks.



Unfortunately this is not planned because we focus on features requested by more people.


I also would like this feature.

An additional refinement would be to cascade (or sequence) tasks or sub-tasks.


I am sorry, but my original response is still valid.


I’m interested by this feature too. I would like to vote, we would just need to merge the request with this one https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…
and so consolidate the votes

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The Tasks feature is as limited as the one in Outlook or Thunderbird. It is why my company uses a totally different tool with its own syncing ability.

Why on earth do so many clients NOT offer basic task management features such as subtasks?
And please don’t tell me that EMClient is not a projet management software. I dont expect this. Just a simple hieararchichal structure that allows me to sort tasks and subtasks.

We are not unappy with our current solution.
But we’d like it much more if there was ONE tool that integrated all these features. So we could send task/calendar invitations by mail and hav e mail reminders.
Currently, we are working with two different systems side by side.

We are using EssentialPIM for all calendar and task issues as well as for notes / attachments. Unfortunately, its mail client is next to useless. This is why we need at least one second tool.

I have merged these topics

Funny, i’m coming from essentialpim as well.
I agree with martin’s arguments

It all depends on interest in features, eM client (and many other clients) are commercial products, we have to listen to majority of users and focus on their needs.
This is marked as rejected, but that does not mean we would not consider it if enough people would request it, but of course it has lower priority than other features.

I hope my explanation was good enough.


I think a lot more people would move over from where they are to EMclient if you had this function. It’s a basic necessity to emulate google tasks

Hello Tony, I agree, I’ve marked the feature as ‘Under consideration’ so more people can show their interest in the feature and I’ve added the feature on a list of features for consideration. However I’m afraid it won’t make it to one of the upcoming updates, as the release of eM Client 7 is getting closer and this is not on our roadmap to release at this point.

We’ll however consider improving this in one of the future releases.


I like eM Client but really was looking for the feature of synchronizing with Google Sub-tasks. Essential PIM does have this feature but has other shortcoming.


As all customers above, I agree that syncing Google Task herarchical list should be a must in a good personal information manager, like eM Client, as EPIM already does (which I come from too). I got tired enough of EPIM issues, then I have switched to eM, but the one thing I miss a lot is that great task manager module. Please, please, please!!! It’s the only thing eM is lacking of to be perfect!! You can make a poll to prove it!

I work with Outlook und look for things at EM ClIENT that are better. This is a feature I wanted for a long time. I do not need to change to EM CLIENT if it is just the same.

Nextcloud Task have subtask,

Just noticed emClient has not.

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I would be very interested in this feature as well, since I’m working with nextcloud tasks, which supports nested tasks as well.

Nextcloud, Microsoft To Do, Google Tasks, Essential PIM …all have subtasks.


Please add this feature… its so bad to work just with one section of tasks… I am from Nextcloud Tasks, too. Now I need to use a other software, but your software look really cool, so sad I need so switch.

As a prior user of a multitude of email systems in the corporate environment, the most popular systems provide the ability to have tasks with subordinate tasks - think in terms of a large annual goal that has numerous tasks that have to be completed in order to achieve the goal - the current eM Client structure just lumps all goals and their related tasks into one huge bucket - no structure or organization whatsoever. This functionality is very inferior to competing systems.

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Support for subtasks within tasks in eM Client!