Hidden keyboard shortcuts

em Client seems to feature standard keyboard shortcuts, which is good. However, it doesn’t seem to consistently make it clear to the user that they exist or what they actually are.

For example, Ctrl+N creates a new e-mail message. The menu item for this does not show the shortcut:

Another example is Ctrl+K to insert a link in an e-mail.

Similarly, there are no tooltips for the toolbar buttons such as “Reply” and “Forward”. I think it’s a good idea for these to have tooltips that include the keyboard shortcuts.

This is on purpose because Ctrl+N can create mail, event, contact and task as well. It depends on the selected section.

Thanks for your reply; that makes sense. What about the other points I made? I think it’s important for software to be self-documenting through tooltips.

Why have users read through manuals when tooltips can sufficiently document little tips like keyboard shortcuts and summaries?

I think that there is no need to make tooltips for such a basic buttons like Reply and Forward.

I agree that it’s not a need, but I think it’s a useful usability feature for Windows programs. It’s about making the program self-documenting and easier to use and learn.

Are you saying that adding tooltips with keyboard shortcuts is not important enough to be considered for eM Client?

If you want, create new topic (Idea) here on the forum and let people vote for it.


We need more keyboard shortcuts!!! It is downright painful to manage mail in eM Client. It should be a very, very easy fix. Just look at Thunderbird for a solid list.

Hi, I’m a new user of emClient and I like it so far. Have keyboard short cuts been implemented since by any chance?


Shortcuts are implemented already, but if you want to customize them then it will be available in next (6th) version.


Hi John,

Thanks for responding. Is there a list somewhere I can look at?

Looking forward to version 6.

there is, I forgot to add it to my original reply.

Help - Contents - Shortcuts


Since the version 6 eM Client has customizable shortcuts. You can find and adjust the shortcut options in the menu Tools - Settings - Shortcuts. 

I know that there are customizable shortcuts, however I’m looking for a shortcut to show messages pane on bottom and revert back to show messages off. Does this shortcut exist or is there a way to add it

Hi, unfortunately there’s no default shortcut for this option and it can not be added either. Maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

I agree that where there are shortcuts it would make sense to show them on the menu and/or on the tooltips of toolbar buttons, so they are self-documenting rather than relying on the user finding them in the documentation or through the settings.  It took me a while to realise there was a shortcut for the Send button in an email, as there was nothing in the tooltip on the button and no shortcut listed against it in the menu.  As other menu items do have shortcuts, I just assumed this option didn’t have a shortcut.

Menu items that have a shortcut shown next to them have the default shortcut assigned without the option to change the shortcut in eM Client. The rest of eM Client features that can have a shortcut assigned can have the shortcut changed, that’s why the shortcut is not shown next to the toolbar item. If you want to see the full list of contacts, please go to Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts.

Hope this helps,

I am helping a blind person who has just moved her email to eM version 6. She needs a shortcut for send mail. It is not clear how to create this in settings - shortcuts. Please tell me how to do this. Thanks.

Hi Alan, you can see the list of available shortcuts in Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts, the default shortcut for send is Ctrl+Enter, however you can change the shortcut in the shortcut settings.

Hope this helps,

CTRL+K for Insert Link (hyperlink) isn’t working for me in RC 7.0.26134.0. CTRL+B and CTRL+U work fine, but not CTRL+K, and it’s not in the shortcuts list.

How can I fix/enable it?