Grammarly no longer works in eMClient

I spent a day trying to figure why Grammarly stopped working in eMClient. Grammarly Technical support responded today. And I quote…

"Hi Ethan,

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

Unfortunately, Grammarly has been deactivated in eMclient due to compatibility issues. At this time, we don’t have an ETA for when the issues will be resolved. We’re still working on the problem and it wouldn’t be fair to set expectations for you that we may not be able to meet."

Question - is EmClient working with Grammarly to resolve the problem?



I too would greatly appreciate the inclusion of Grammarly into your product.

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Please help with making this work again

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Grammerly was working… now it isn’t. I wrote Grammarly support and they said that they are aware of the issue and do not have info on a fix date. Any word from eM Client on this problem?

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No response from EmClient on this topic. I really need it fixed. I think EmClient and Grammarly need to talk and find a solution. EmClient does work with other email clients.


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I have the same issue here. I have contacted Grammarly support with an aggressive message. Will report the reply.


Does anyone have an update from either EMClient or Grammarly they can share? It’s more than a little frustrating…

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Sometimes I wonder why this support forum exists at all when the developers refuse to answer issues.

I would love to know the status of Grammarly and eM Client.


viernes 10 noviembre 2023 :: 1525hrs (UTC +0100)

Maybe the reason is that it is a User Forum not a Developer Forum.
Probably the best thing to do is to raise a ticket as perhaps this will go to the Developers - I do not know, just a guess.


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No, you are right…

…but the developer just sent me a response via email to answer the Grammarly question. Why could that not have been done in the forum so that everyone could read it?

From experience, support has been quick when I need it – but then again I pay for it. Maybe the developers want you to pay to get questions answered. But, on the other hand, they do come in here and answer some but not others without any rhyme or reason.

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Hi everyone,
We’d love to be able to provide more insight on this issue, but unfortunately, we don’t have any more details than you do - Grammarly never tried to reach out to us to fix any specific issues before blocking eM Client and we did try to offer cooperation/request an API for eM Client to use in the past, which was unfortunately not accepted.
We have not received any response yet on what we could do to have eM Client work with Grammarly for desktop again.

We are still open to any such cooperation and would love to work on resolving any issues or crashes to have eM Client work with the Grammarly desktop app again.


Thank you, Olivia. I just reached out to Grammarly support. I hope to hear back and that they will take an interest in making its software compatible with EM Client.

I also reached out - their response was, “Unfortunately, Grammarly doesn’t currently support integration with eM Client, but thank you for letting us know that this is something you’d like to see!”. Two hours ago, I asked why the integration stopped but I have not heard back yet.

Well, I just got a response from Grammarly and it looks like it CAN be done and it’s on the developers of EM Client to get it done…

Thank you for contacting Grammarly.

Unfortunately, Grammarly doesn’t currently support integration with eM Client because of specific issues with integrating into this app’s text fields.

If you are in contact with the eM Client developers, you can suggest visiting this page: How do I integrate Grammarly with my website or application? As soon as they fix the compatibility issues, their representative will need to contact us with a request to remove this app from our blocklist.

In the meantime, you are welcome to upload and check your documents in the Grammarly Editor at Also at your disposal: the Grammarly browser extension, Grammarly for iPhone, Grammarly for Android, and Grammarly for iPad.

I hope this helps, but please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.



I heard back from Grammarly, and I suggest any interested parties also log tickets to gain interest:

"We’ve identified an issue with eM Client as a bug. Our engineers are working to fix it, but they will need some time to solve some technical issues that are causing the problem. I don’t have a timeline for when this update will take effect, but I am confident that it will happen shortly.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a system for notifying customers when issues like these are resolved. However, you can always reopen this ticket by sending a message to this thread."

EDIT: Copied both responses to Gary, who is answering my support ticket queries at EMClient support, and asked him to post here if they are compliant with the requirements listed in NJRonbo’s post.


I appreciate the updates on my original post.

My suggestion, eMClient should take immediate steps work with the team at Grammarly. I suspect it will take some work to fix the problem. The benefit if fixing the problem is eMClient users can use their email client to write messages and have Grammarly give feedback. Now, messages have to be cut and pasted out of eMClient, into Grammarly for review. It’s an extra steps that wastes time.

Please make fixing this problem priority.


Hi LuckyDog, if you can respond to the support thread still, please let Grammarly know that their developers can contact us at [email protected] any time, as mentioned before, we’d love to cooperate.
We already follow all the prerequisites to support the desktop app (As it did work before and we did try to implement stability improvements from our side), but we cannot fix anything from our side if we don’t know any details on the error that caused the block.
If we can program anything from our side to help, we would be very happy to do so and cooperate directly, we just never seem to get any response from Grammarly team ourselves.

Looks like Grammarly is working again in eM Client. In fact, I notice it has been for about a week now at least.

As of December 17, Grammarly (I just installed it) does not support emClient 9.2.2157 (their latest release). I have provided feedback to Grammarly about the need to support emClient with their Windows app integration.


It’s not working for me. It’s ironic that it does work on this help forum but not within the app. Any suggestions?