Google OAuth and 'Quota exceeded for quota metric' issue

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this issue seems to have re-appeared again after Google support assured us this was resolved. We are trying to find out more and get Google support to fix this bug.

In the last week, you might have noticed a few strange errors popping up for your Google accounts or even problems setting up Google accounts at all.

You were affected if you have seen an error like this:

Synchronizing folder list failed due to the following error: Execution of request failed: []( "Link https//wwwgooglecom/m8/feeds/groups/default/fullstart-index1max-results2147483646") ({
        "code": 429,
        "message": "Quota exceeded for quota metric ''
    and limit 'defaultPerDayProject' of service '' for
    consumer 'project\_number:920743529221'.",
        "status": "RESOURCE\_EXHAUSTED",
        "details": [
            "@type": "",
            "links": [
                "description": "Google developer console API key",
                "url": "["]( "Link https//consoledevelopersgooglecom/project/920743529221/apiui/credential");

The problem was connected to the OAuth login for our application and was resolved in cooperation with Google support.

Thanks to everyone who reported the issue so we could bring it to their attention.

I have the problem again.  A single contact (not the same one every time) suddenly has hundreds of duplicates.  I run the deduplicator but after that I get a message like the one mentioned. I attach a screenshot of the error and the log. I’m using version 7.2.35128.0

3 weeks later and this error is still happening. When are you going to fix it?

Same error here… Good luck convincing google to fix their API :expressionless:

AFAIC - eM Client has to fix the scope of their application…through the Console
Below link not accessible to us users…

Imagine the nonsense that was posted already 1 year ago
where the user was advised to contact Google…

There’s nothing that the user can do…

Same here.  I’ve used emclient for YEARS and am about to jettison it.  Not only is Gmail not working but Exchange sync is also completely fubar.  Timeouts left and right, exception messages strewn all over the log.  The app has really gone down hill.

What version of eM Client are you using robross0606?


Was both Gmail and Exchange working OK on the previous version 7.2.35595?

No.  Neither has worked right for MONTHS.  Constant timeouts.  No ability to adjust the timeout values.  Calendars that don’t sync.  Strange error messages in logs.  There have been so many problems I’ve lost track.  Most of the problems have been on the Exchange side until recently.  Now Google is also having problems.

I have not had much success syncing Google Calendars with eM Client for years, so I stopped using Google. I currently use CalDAV and that is successful.

You literally changed email accounts to keep using emClient?  The problem is *emClient*.  Not Google.  I have multiple other devices with various email clients that can all connect to calendar and email without issue:

  • Windows 10 Mail
  • Windows 10 Calendar
  • Windows 10 People
  • Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Apple iPad
    All have no problem with managing both Exchange and Google accounts without issue.  I’m not changing email addresses to support a broken email client.

When will this problem be fixed?  What’s the holdup?  It’s quite annoying and intrusive.  Is there a temporary work-around??

No, I changed calendar provider. I never seriously used Gmail as an email provider and I don’t like they way it is implemented in eM Client. My calendars are now hosted on an Exchange server. I found what works best with my requirements and went with that, which is the advice I often give on this forum. I use eM Client when I can because I like the interface, but I also use Evolution on Linux for work, and I use Thunderbird on Windows to handle some more complex message filters that eM Client cannot handle.

But yes, the issue is with eM Client where calendars also struggle syncing with AirSync. So if you are connecting to an or Hotmail account, you get better results to setup the account in eM Client as Exchange/EWS rather than IMAP/AirSync (default through Automatic Setup). Though even with EWS you often see the Agenda is missing an entire calendar until you force a resync. EWS is way better for contacts syncing that AirSync.

I have not experienced any issues so far with Windows 10 People and Calendar, nor with Linux GNOME Calendar and Contacts, so I use those as my benchmark. Never used MS Outlook, and have so far not yet even opened Windows 10 Mail.

Hello all,

As you can read on our blog:–quota-exceeded-for-quota-metric–issue-301 with the latest update from 08/21/2019, the reason why it takes that long is that the Google server’s support is not very cooperative in this matter. However, this error only appears when the daily quota for API commands is reached and therefore the error pops up irregularly. This API quota is specific foe each app and that’s why you don’t experience it in other email clients.

We ask you for your patience and if the pop-up error windows are annoying, I’d recommend switching them off in Menu > Tools > Settings > Operations window.


Will this ever get fixed?? Very close to buying this for our entire organization, but this problem has been going on for months now…

“Menu > Tools > Settings > Operations window.”

menu>tools>settings: fine. Operations Window , I do not have/see that. Can you be more precise please?

FFS if you explain something then be complete or don’t at all. This issue is annoying enough and half baked answers and solutions makes it worse.

“Menu > Tools > Settings > GENERAL > Operations window.”

I am getting this error very randomly.  Yesterday I got it after having sent and received nearly 200 emails, and today with only my second email of the day - so it doesn’t seem to relate to any daily quota.

Is there any work around?