Google meeting/Events should use google visibility Default/Private/Public option

Currently when using emClient with a google account. If you create, or edit a event or meeting

  • it is always set to public in google calendar even if the calendar setting is set to only show busy/free in the settings in google.

  • emClient has no option to set default to Private only to select individually as private for a event/ meeting

  • The only option is public and individual items as private, there should be a option like in google to use the account default visibility - this is a option listed in googles api’s

  • at a minimum it is highly needed to be able to set the default in emclient to private considering this has been asked for in multiple threads since 2014 and is needed for privacy on a work account

There is a feature request for setting the calendar events default to Private in the following thread. Hopefully down the track this can be implemented at some stage.

they have ignored it since 2014 it has been constantly requested, however the default should be the use default setting from google as that is the other option in google, default setting, private, public. currently they are ignoring the default option so when you have google set to show only as free/busy emclient has no option for that even if default is set to private.

Also google does have api documentation showing they can setup to adhere to all three visibility option including use default account setting