Google Etiketten

Hallo guten Tag,

wie kann ich meine Google Etiketten standardmäßig einrichten und nutzen.
Ich speichere wohl ab, wenn ich dann in Termine gehe sind wieder die Standard Etiketten aktiv.

Suggest to read this thread on “Categories, Labels and Tags - (oh my) - Google Calendar”

Also see extract post below from the above thread on Gmail mail and Calendar tags / labels from @Olivia_Rust at the end of the thread.

(Olivia’s post from eM Client support)

we are able to synchronize the mail label colors in eM Client 9, you can change them from either eM Client (Menu>Tags) or on the server/others apps and the changes will be synchronized either way.”

“For calendar, we synchronize the calendar colors but cannot synchronize the specific event colors since they do not behave the same way tags/labels do. This has unfortunately not been changed yet”