Categories, Labels and Tags - (oh my) - Google Calendar

Replacing Outlook client with V8 and all went really well.
I am attempting to use/recreate my current Google labels for contacts - all good.
The calendar, not so much. Google uses colors, not labels, for Calendar events and appointments.
Specifically, I create an appointment called “VacaTest”, using a tag I created in V8 called “Vacation” (yellow in color). When the calendars sync, my appointment goes to my Gmail calendar, but reverts to the default Gmail calendar color.
Without reinventing the wheel, is there a way to sync a eMClient tag with a Google Calendar color? compare

have you tried: Menu/settings/calendar and adjusting the dropdown as shown below?


Thank you, I did not, but I had to give up. Was trying desperately to sync contacts and calendars with spouse (she’s Outlook, I’m Gmail). As it turned out, there were too many other sharing/synching obstacles to overcome.