Categories, Labels and Tags - (oh my) - Google Calendar

Replacing Outlook client with V8 and all went really well.
I am attempting to use/recreate my current Google labels for contacts - all good.
The calendar, not so much. Google uses colors, not labels, for Calendar events and appointments.
Specifically, I create an appointment called “VacaTest”, using a tag I created in V8 called “Vacation” (yellow in color). When the calendars sync, my appointment goes to my Gmail calendar, but reverts to the default Gmail calendar color.
Without reinventing the wheel, is there a way to sync a eMClient tag with a Google Calendar color? compare

have you tried: Menu/settings/calendar and adjusting the dropdown as shown below?


Thank you, I did not, but I had to give up. Was trying desperately to sync contacts and calendars with spouse (she’s Outlook, I’m Gmail). As it turned out, there were too many other sharing/synching obstacles to overcome.

So, back to eM Client, all working fantastically, EXCEPT for the same problem. Do not know if this is solvable or has a workaround.

  1. Create event in eM Client, use tag “Important” (which is red).
  2. Synchs to Google Calendar, defaults to generic color in calendar.
  3. Create any event in eM Client with tag, synch to Google calendar, defaults to calendar color.
  4. Create an event in Google Calendar, sync to eM Client, defaults to calendar color.
    The change you suggested seemed to have no effect on what/how it is synching/selecting colors.
    I don’t care how the colors “synch” - EG, if the tag is yellow on the eM Client and Blue on Google, I do not care, because I can differentiate the colors. But they are all synching in the SAME color, which means every time I create an event, I have to tag it in eM Client AND Google Calendar so the shared parties all see the same tags/colors.

You want Tag then calendar.

That will display the events in the eM Client calendar using the tag color. If the event does not have a tag, then the calendar color will be used instead.

That is exactly what I am using.
There appears to be no link between what I am creating in eM or Google.
All of my Tags are defined (matching my Google Contact labels) and I have Tags defined for basic stuff - Birthday, Anniversary.
If I add an event via Google Calendar online, it will sync very quickly. However, the color I choose in Google Calendar makes no difference: I get an event in eM Client with the default calendar color. And it works the other way as well: if I create an event in eM Client with ANY tag, when the client synchs with Google calendar I get a default color event.
There is a small disconnect here somewhere, just may be inherent. I had read other folks having issues but that was posted over 2 years ago.
Still searching for an answer.

More research, many more unhappy users and no answer. People are asking for eM Client to simply use the existing Google API and grab the colors from the Calendar. Many other synch programs already do that (don’t WANT to use a synch program, want to use a CLIENT). Since eM Client uses the Google API (no separate app password) this should be an absolute no brainer. This has been going on since 2016 according to the forum. Hey, how about I PAY for the client - will I get to use colors as tags/labels? If so, it is well worth the $50 because the program is awesome - fast and full of features. But what a mole hill hump you have!

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Hi Celatus,
we are not able to synchronize Tag colors from Google calendar at this time.
The Google Calendar API provides the color of the event, but not the color of the tag itself, which is currently not possible to map onto our internal Tag structure and would be very different from all other calendar types.

The idea to find a way to connect or allow manual adding of these colors is in our feature request list, but there is no trivial solution, unfortunately.
So unless you specify the colors in Menu>Tags section of the program, the colors will be assigned randomly.

Hi is this fixed yet?

Not being able to see the tag colours in eM client is a huge issue.
I am on trial with eM currently using Maibird, and they mimic exactly the same as google calendar.

Thank you.

we are able to synchronize the mail label colors in eM Client 9, you can change them from either eM Client (Menu>Tags) or on the server/others apps and the changes will be synchronized either way.
For calendar, we synchronize the calendar colors but cannot synchronize the specific event colors since they do not behave the same way tags/labels do. This has unfortunately not been changed yet.


We cannot synchronize the specific event colors since they do not behave the same way tags/labels do.

Hopefully down the track the eM Client specific event calendar colours can also be synchronised as I would also like that as well if can be done :slightly_smiling_face:

Totally, that’s a major bummer as I tag all my important appointments RED and if that doesn’t show up, I am in big trouble…

I really hope this is addressed somehow as well sooner rather than later.