Gmail Account - All folders are displayed correctly but not all with content

My auto setup with the free version worked fine several times with everything looking correct. I’ve read much of this blog. I’m getting my contacts and tasks with content but not my messages and calendar. I’ve tinkled with the server settings for over a day and read blogs but still can’t get or send messages. I have only one gmail account. My settings are imap 993 and smtp 465 as mentioned above. Also, the sync function executes ok (spinning wheel) and sync timestamp gets updated and no error messages. Windows Mail is getting and sending ok with the same gmail account. I’m using free version eM Client to trial it before purchase. The log says it’s synchronising ok with all folders and subfolders. I’ve checked my Google account under ‘Apps with access to your account’, eM Client is in the list and has access to ‘Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Basic account info, Additional access (tasks)’. Is eM Client good to go or are there hitches that aren’t being disclosed? I saw one commenter suggesting that eM Client progs can’t keep up with Google modifications. I tend to agree. I’m running on Windows 10.

Shannon, isn’t this the same question you asked yesterday at ?