Freeze smart folder

How to freeze Smart Folders, to have it always on top when I scroll down to other folders and subfolders?

Hi Sigitas,

This is a behaviour of the previous version (7.1) but unfortunately, it was removed within version 7.2. 


That was one of my favourite features of eM Client and why I choose to use it over Outlook, is there any way to go back to Version 7.1? It’s so inconvenient not to have the smart folders always display at the top, even when scrolling. I’m really not sure why that’s a feature you would remove.

Do you plan to restore that feature?

Please do bring it back.
It was very conveniant to move emails to the local folders structure.

Agree as well - please bring this back, very annoying now to be scrolling up and down with lots of folders to get to smart folders.

Please bring it back, or at least give the user the option to activate/deactivate it. Am scrolling continuously up and down through many folders.

Pretty please???

With hundreds of subfolders, I really can’t live without this feature. Please activate it again.

Please bring this feature back again. No visible reason to abandon such a good function.

Please, bring it back as suggested by #Nicholas Edwards or explain how to get back to 7.1 and lock updates as suggested by #Amy.
It’s really a “no go” if not present…

Has there been any developer response to this? No idea why they would remove this, or at least leave an option to turn it back on. Please restore this feature.

This is the only reply I got through email: 

"thank you for your feedback, unfortunately this is part of the newer UI changes so this behavior cannot be changed in 7.2 at this time. We already forwarded the request on changing this back to our developers, so perhaps they will return this useful feature in the future.

To downgrade back to 7.1:

  • (Save any local data you need to keep)
  • Uninstall eM Client 7.2
  • Rename your database (default in C:\Users%user%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client)
  • Install 7.1 (Release history)
  • Set up your accounts and import your data back in, or restore from a backup (if you have one from version 7.1)

Sorry for the inconvenience."

I was really excited when emclient told me there was an update.
Unfortunatly it seems we were not taken serious :frowning:

The response listed above is just an excuse. They just have to change it again. I am very unhappy with the way emclient is handling requests. I am a pro user since many years and had no response at all on the requests. Don’t know, why they have a forum when they do not participate. Maybe they think “Let the users clarify problems”.
Yesterday came a new update 7.2.34711.0 and I was hoping they had this function back. Unfortunaltely no :frowning:

May be we can make a “Smart Folders no-Locked Users Annoying” group forum … It’s incomprehensible so this feature was leaving … emClient-staff, please, don’t forget your users !!!

Any news Russel Markosky, about this unfortunately removed option? I think could be reimplemented in the nearest, nearest future, or an option to activate/deactivate this … a lot of yours users will be grateful about this … 

Just bumping this topic so that more people can “Like” it… They need to bring this functionality back. Moving items from the to subfolders when you have hundreds of folders over multiple accounts and not being able to quickly click on the Smart Inbox/Sent Items while also having your subfolder visible is getting to be very annoying.

eM Client, please bring back this functionality!

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“incomprehensible” is the right word - can’t see how anyone would decide to remove this feature on an update? Has anyone gotten any useful reply on when this will be put back in? Downgrading to an old version doesn’t make sense. Time to start looking at other email clients, I too have hundreds of folders - the scrolling around is just time wasting.

Just received the latest Update. I was so curious to see the function back. NO, NO, NO. I am totally disappointed. Several month to fix something and not even a reply … :frowning:
Can anybody from em answer?