Font when composing messages

If I select Segoe and have my messages in HTML format, then the recipient often displays them in Times New Roman (Mail app on iOS) or displays the body in Arial (or Helvetica?) and the signature in Times New Roman (Outlook app on iOS).

However, if I select Arial as my messge font, then all recipients display the messages in Arial.

This shows that eM Client does not embed font information in messages that it sends, unlike Outlook. In Outlook, if you set Calibri, all recipients will show Calibri.

This is the second reason that prevents me from migrating to eM Client for business use. I don’t want my messages to end up appearing in a random font. Certainly not in Times. If we could at least select a set of fallback fonts, like when authoring a CSS stylesheet for a webpage, that would be an acceptable solution.

I appreciate this is an old post, but in case you see this, I have the same problem - discussed here: