Calibri font shows as Times New Roman in received email

I have Calibri set as my font in all eM Client options. When I send myself an email from eM Client (GMail) and view the email in the iOS Mail app, the message font shows as Times New Roman in the sent and received folders. In some other apps it shows correctly as Calibri.

When I send myself the same message from Outlook, the Calibri font shows correctly in the iOS Mail app and every other app.

If I set my eM Client font as Arial, it shows correctly in the iOS Mail app.

Is there a setting which I’m missing? Or is this an issue which could be looked at please? I find eM Client superior to Outlook in many ways, but unfortunately I’ve had some cases where an email I’ve sent has looked a bit unprofessional due to this issue. Thanks.

There has been alot of recent fixes and updates to eM Client for Mac & Windows. See if there is a later version than what you have via the version history page that may resolve that -

Also what happens when you view the email via the eg: “Gmail app” on your iOS device after sending it in eM Client ? Does the Calibri font look the same as when you send it ?

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Fonts need to exist on the device that receives / reads the email, or the email client needs to insert a web accessible reference to the desired font. It can do this via import statements or other syntax:

@import url`('');
@import url`('');
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
... more

If the receiver doesn’t have the font on the device and no external reference has been included in the email, the receiver will fallback to some other (default) font. Frequently Times New Roman, but it depends on the device and the app.

From looking at the source of a message sent by EMC, it does not insert an external (web accessible) reference. Some email clients can do this; others not.

Also, even with a web accessible font specified in the email, the client needs to support that mechanism for obtaining the font. Again, depends on the client.

p.s. You might be able to use a mail template to help you out. Not sure. I’m just taking a look at them.


Thanks for the reply. I just installed 8.2.1509.0 and the issue is still there. It’s just in the iOS mail app - the GMail app is OK.

Thanks for the info and that’s understood. It would be great if this was something the eM Client team could fix - it would allow me to move completely way from Outlook (which doesn’t have this issue). Not great for somebody to receive an email with dodgy fonts. Cheers.

You may think about, if the receiver has to have the fonts you use, to be able to read your messages.

I am sending e-mails by 99.9% as text messages without default font. In this case, the preset font of the receiver is used, which is typically the one he/she prefers for reading.

Design of »HTML e-mails« heavily depends on circumstances at receiver’s side you can not predict. I personally focus on content instead of layout in e-mails.

If I want to force a design, I append a PDF file.

Yes, but why does it work OK with Outlook but not with eM Client?

Are you sure that your Outlook email always looks the same on another computer on another operating system, with another e-mail client?

As far as I experienced it, this is not the case.

Especially, iOS has its issues with e-mail from other OS and e-mail clients.

This is the major reason why I do not focus on font or layout. Because it is really hard work to achieve even a “quite close looking” result on all possible devices, OS and clients.

No, I don’t know how my Outlook email looks on other computers / operating systems / clients. I only know how it looks in the clients I’ve tested.

My question was primarily about eM Client emails written in Calibri showing as Times New Roman on the iOS mail client.

The same email written in Outlook in Calibri shows as Calibri in the iOS mail client.

The iOS mail client is common, so it would seem important that emails show correctly on it.

Therefore, I was wondering if there was a setting I was missing. If not, I was raising it as an issue to be looked it, given that it appears to be possible to achieve in Outlook.

@Jamie_Cameron It’s back to the fact that some email clients support specifying (and obtaining) fonts from web accessible locations, aka web fonts. However, this isn’t yet widely adopted.

Web fonts only work in some email clients, and care has to be taken to ensure that where they aren’t supported, the font falls back gracefully.

Email client Web font support
Apple Mail ✓ Yes
Outlook 2007-2016 ✘ No
Outlook 2019 ✘ No*
Outlook for Mac ✓ Yes
Outlook Office 365 ✘ No*
Gmail App ✘ No*
iOS ✓ Yes
Outlook App ✘ No
Samsung Mail ✘ No*
AOL Mail ✘ No
Gmail ✘ No*
Office 365 ✘ No ✘ No
Yahoo! Mail ✘ No

The above chart is from: Web Fonts: How to Make Them Work Perfectly in Email - Litmus

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Interesting - thank you for that.

Forgive my ignorance, but does this explain my issue with eM Client described above? Does it explain why an email in Calibri sent using Outlook Office 365 shows Calibri OK in iOS Mail, but an email in Calibri sent from eM Client does not show Calibri in iOS Mail?

I don’t have all the various devices and clients to test, but I say: yes, it does explain it. Calibri is not a font native to iOS (I think… it’s a MS font, but the again I don’t have any Mac devices, so… correct me if I’m wrong).

Anyway, let’s say:

  • iOs Mail receives an email that was sent by EMC and the email uses a a non-native font.
  • The email does not contain a web reference to this non-native font (because EMC doesn’t do this), so iOS mail falls back to some other font.

However, another scenario:

  • iOs Mail receives an email that was sent with a non-native font, but this time the sender (Outlook) did indeed insert a web reference to the non-native font.
  • iOs Mail downloads the web accessible font and uses it to display the email.

This means is that the email client that sends the email and the email client that reads the email must both be able to deal with fonts that exist on the web. Since specifying web fonts (sender) and obtaining web fonts (receiver) isn’t widely supported at this time among the various email clients, this just means that not everybody is going to see the font you would like.

Take a look at that article I linked if you haven’t all ready. I found it pretty useful.

p.s. I know the chart says Outlook 365 doesn’t do web fonts, but this might have changed since the article was written.

Yes, that’s all understood - thanks. I’m suggesting fixing this as an improvement to eM Client, since iOS Mail is a common email app.

As far as I can remember my tests (long time ago), Outlook always sends hybrid e-mails (plain text plus HTML format). There, the used font is noted. If it is available at the receiver’s operations system and supported by the e-mail program, the message will “look alike”. If not, a replacement font taken from an internal replacement list is taken.

But this may have changed meanwhile.

iOS mail may be a common email app – on iOS. But as you can see in Victors table (thank you for that!) it is not a common technique. Even Office 365 – a cloud service ! – doesn’t support it.

If the readability or acceptance by receivers of an e-mail depends significantly on the used font, I would ask myself if there may have fundamental challenges regarding content to solve. But I have to admit that this is my personal point of view.

That’s all understood, thanks. I guess all I want is for an email I send in Calibri from eM Client to show in Calibri for the recipient in iOS Mail, like it does when I sent an email in Calibri from Outlook.

Sorry, I only just saw this. Thanks for taking the time to do the video.

Everything was already set up as per your video. The problem exists with these settings in place. The problem is not how it looks in Outlook, the problem is how it looks in iOS Mail, as described above.

Reading alot of posts on this subject apparently iOS uses “San Francisco” when Calibri is received. So sounds like the Calibri fon’t would need to be eg: manually installed somehow in iOS to read properly and more than likely why emails created in eM Client don’t display properly on the iOS Device.

Alt use another font to create emails in eM Client till Calibri fon’t is updated on iOS devices.

Outlook uses Calibri while iOS uses San Francisco (a font Apple created specifically for its devices that was heavily inspired by Helvetica Neue.

Unfortunately iOS Mail doesn’t seem to use the San Francisco font when it receives an email written in Calibri from eM Client. It displays in a serif typeface (Times New Roman / New York or similar).

When an email written in Calibri is sent from Outlook, iOS Mail displays it in a sans serif typeface (Calibri / San Francisco or similar).