Feature request - Edit RECEIVED and SENT messages

I find that I am missing the possibility of editing RECEIVED and SENT messages.
I often use this feature in other email clients to add and highlight important information to received messages that I keep.

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Does this mean you are then not creating a draft email when you are editing inbox or sent emails ?

I don’t really understand what you are asking.
What I mean is this: I receive an email, I read it and I want to keep it (in my Inbox or another folder that I created), but I want to change it’s Subject line or I want to highlight some of its text.
In other email clients, when I open a received email message, an option to edit this message is available.

Click on the subject, change it, and hit Enter when done.

@Gary how can you do that “without using the Forward or Forward as original” option ?

As from what i can tell @MLor wants to edit Inbox and Sent messages without creating a draft.

You can edit the subject of all received and sent messages at a later time. Just click on the subject, change it, and hit the Enter key when done.

@Gary oh i see what i was doing wrong. I had the Preview Pane enabled below the messages and was clicking on the subject at the top and (not on the Subject at the top of the body of the email).

THANK YOU!! :clap: :star_struck:
Being able to edit the Subject line will help a lot!
Now, if only I could do that to the body of the message…