Extremely slow at displaying messages...

…even with a moderate amount in my Inbox - about 13k messages - and it’s truly maddening in the morning when I usually clear the spam from my boxes: each message takes about a sec to display in the bottom preview pane after I clicked on it…

…is it a bug or some design limitation? If the latter then are you guys sure eM is ready for corporate use?

Hi, it is certainly not normal. We don’t experience that. Can you try to hide sidebar so we can exclude it here? What version of Internet Explorer do you have? Are these messages already downloaded (standard behaviour for IMAP is that messages are downloaded at the moment when first requested). Another issue may be your keyboard repeat rate. eM Client starts displaying message detail after keyboard repeat rate. This may differ a lot on different OS/hardware. On my notebook (and it is quite old notebook) messages (already downloaded) are displayed immediately.

Probably the message downloading part… but it’s a local mail server and I’m the admin here and I never seen such slow (1+ sec) response… I’ll ‘tail’ the logs later.

Meanwhile I’d like to ask if eM is multicore-aware/multi-threaded? The UI sometimes seems to be frozen while doing something else eg. downloading new messages…

UPDATE: switched to Google Apps recently… didn’t help.

I tried downloading all my messages - well, it not only didn’t help but God, it’s AWFUL now.
And what’s worse is that it’s probably irrelevant - it’s slow as @ss even when I click on an already read item - a preview takes seconds, showing the Silverlight-styled circualr animation while loading the message…

… this client is quickly reaching the point of being useless (aka equal to that junk called Thunderbird 3.x).

just to ensure, did you please try hiding the sidebar? To do so, go to Tools->Settings->Sidebar -> click radio button “Hidden sidebar” and restart eM Client.
Also do you use Skype interoperability?
And what version of Windows do you have?

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing such issues with eM Client.

Best Regards

couldn’t it be just because of some maintenance of maild_data.dat? I have aprox. 1.5GB of e-mails there, but the data file is 2.5GB and slooowly is getting smaller.

Now, in my case it propably was because of the fact, that I have migrated from that slow outlook 2003… Since I’m using POP3 for everything (with mails stored on server coz of company policies), the process was as follows:

  1. Import into eM Client from outlook
  2. Leave the import as it is, set-up all accounts not to delete any messages from server
  3. Download all messages from all my mailboxes
  4. Delete everything from recieved inbox (hey, there would be duplicate e-mails…)
  5. Sort out the folders imported from outlook
    (yeah, i love local folders :slight_smile:

now, the eM Client is slow, but still usable. The fact of above procedure is, that it created 3GB database file with e-mails - and than I deleted half of them. Now, when eM is running something is happening on my HDD big time and the datafile is getting smaller.

So, I tried small test… I backed up my database folder first. Then I downloaded sqlite3.exe and ran a vacuum command on the mail_data.dat -> result was 1.5GB mail_data.dat file (it was done within 5 minutes). When I launched eM afterwards, it was fast like hell!

However, since vacuum (as per my understanding) might reset some of the options in the database and I don’t know how precisely sqlite works, i loaded the backup back and am just leaving the eM running with high priority even when i’m not using it. Simply, i have no idea what you guys are doing with the database inside of em and i love my e-mails too much to be experimenting with the core one :-))

So - couldn’t this be a problem? If @szlevi is getting a lot of spam and quickly deleting it … maybe there is a vacuum in the queue of sqlite which makes em slow to respond … somehow.

As I said - full vacuum (which requires another 1.5gb of disk space in my case) helped and solved the matter (but i’m too scared to live with the vacuumed database though). the auto-vacuum or some other used procedure might not use that much of disk space (really - it just slowly decreases the data file size)… but couldn’t that be the cause of the slowness in this case? Deleted, but still physically present e-mails?

It’s just an idea, don’t beat me up…

P.S.: I disabled sidebar and skype interpobality in my case, and file is still getting smaller at a snail rate

P.S.2: i found out about vacuum and used command from this site: http://en.kioskea.net/faq/2285-compac… (nobody try it! for sake of your mails…)

Ha! Thanks to Gabriele Staron this command fixed my problem:

“C:\Program Files\eM Client\DbRepair.exe” /forcerebuild
(found it in different topic)

Just run the above command should you have speed issues with eM - it will cleanup and rebuild your database and should fix problem :slight_smile:

Thanks Gabriele!!

I have a similar issue. When I first click on the email, there is a quick flash of the images. Then the images disappear and the round timer (same function as the Windows hourglass) starts. Several seconds later the images display again. Does anyone have this problem? Any ideas how to fix this?


For most messages, including those with heavy HTML content, eM Client works just fine. However, for messages from “TheStreet” , I get the quick flash of the message, followed by a blank window and the “waiting” icon. Eventually, more than 10 seconds later, the message displays again. Displaying another message and returning to the offended one repeats the waiting sequence.


Thinking I would get better tech support, I bought eM Client. I also got the quick flash of the message, followed by a blank page and then the spinning circle icon. After a long wait with the circle spinning, the message would finally display. Tech support told me that the problem is my Internet Explorer which I do not believe. He also said there is nothing that can be done about it. I have a friend who installed eM Client on his very fast computer and the same problem occurred. In addition, I installed eM Client on a third computer and the same thing happened. I am surprised that users are simply accepting this as normal behavior. I became so fed up until I asked for and was given a refund.

I really expected to get better customer support as I was a paying customer at the time. However, it didn’t happen.

EM Client is relaying on IE as rendering engine for its HTML, together using .NET framework as runtime. Not the best combination to use, but in my opinion it is limited by nature. This problem appears much more obvious on IMAP accounts compare to local. We can only wait for IMAP to mature on eM.

Can you send us one of these messages as EML file (to [email protected]) so we can analyze the problem?

You could try to change the rendering engine from IE7 to IE9 as I described in another thread:

Just one little change in the registry let’s eM Client use Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

Just check the “Manual instructions” part in this avant-guide: Avant Guide
You just have to name the key “MailClient.exe” instead of “avant.exe”. And if you like to use IE9 instead of IE8 (AFAIK you have to use the version installed on your system), use this value: Decimal 9000 (Hexadecimal 2328).

Maybe this tweak should be implemented by default. IE7 is really outdated and IE9 works perfectly here.

Btw: If you notice any problems, just delete the “MailClient.exe” again and IE7 is used again.

I tried the registry hack and unfortunately this made no difference in the rendering speed.

Do you have the ‘Display unsafe content in messages from people in contact list’ button activated? [Settings -> Read]

This is my first day trying eM Client out and I was just experiencing the same problem. Went back to ‘Block unsafe content’ and the problem went away.

I need to buy the Pro version but this problem will kill it for me.

I set Display unsafe content to show all images. I also installed eM Client on Windows 8 Consumer Preview to see if this would make any difference but it did not. I tried comparing the image display time on eM Client to the image display time on Thunderbird, Postbox and Outlook 2010. All but eM Client displayed images almost instantly. I keep hoping that eM Client programmers will ultimately fix this problem but as long as users keep tolerating it and buying the program, I doubt there will be a fix. I use Postbox and so far have found nothing to beat it.

I add my disappointment to those who are frustrated with this problem. Having switched to EM client from Thunderbird, I despair that I may have to try Postbox now too in order to have a fast gmail-compatible IMAP client on my pc.
Saying that, I re-checked the “block unsafe content for all messages” under the Read section of settings and the spinning circle icon has disappeared. However, I now have to click on view blocked content for almost every email which is tedious!!! Seriously bad software ergonomics. I’ve downloaded Postbox and will trial it for 30 days. Here’s hoping!

I realize this is not a Postbox forum. However, I believe this is a fair post as you will be comparing Postbox with eM Client especially regarding remote image display.

You may already know how to do this, but just in case. After you get Postbox installed and running, go to Tools/Options/Advanced/Config Editor/I’ll be careful, I promise!/ and then type the word Remote in the filter field. Then find mailnews.message_display.disable_remote_image;false
If not already set to false, toggle to set it to false. This will enable automatic display of remote images.

This will allow you to compare images display between the 2 clients.

13k messages results in fairly large amount of data being sent by the IMAP server when you connect to that mailbox, as the client resyncs flags on the mailbox.

What IMAP server are you connecting to? This can make a big difference on your client speed. Is the IMAP server on your LAN or somewhere else? Latency can make a big impact here too.

Also, eM Client has implemented a few new extensions (COMPRESS being the most interesting one for this problem, esp with GMail)… I’m running it here and it’s much quicker, since the server can compress these flags at least 80% when sending.

Thanks for the help! I’m connecting to Gmail over wifi in hostels (travelling through South America) so probably have one of the worst scenarios… How do I compress flags in EM Client? I do see that it takes a while to synchronise flags so compression may be the solution for me.