Exporting to .eml -files Error


I was exporting ALL my local folders to “C:\exp”. After exporting about 1200 e-mails EMC raises an error that it can’t find the path…??? What could be the issue?

Another small question… I need to import the files into Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird at my new workplace. Is that possible?


Still nothing from the support-team???
This is baaaaad…

Same problem here, hangs after 927 messages exported, same error message.

I guess that no reply and now fix in 4 years shows that I’m NOT going to buy this software after the trial period.

what version of eM Client are you using? 


Hi Paul, I’m using the lastest I guess, since I downloaded it on your site…

It’s 6.0.19861, free version (I’m trying out the program before buying)

It’s the only problem I have with the sofwtare, but it’s a big one for me, so without a workaround I’ll look somewhere else…



can you please provide a screenshot of the error which shows up when you’re trying to export the files?

Thank you,

Here you are.

As previously said, it’s always after 927 email exported as eml that it freezes, then a couple of seconds afterwards I get the error message.

can you please try exporting the files to your “C:/” drive?
There seems to be a problem with the desired location you are trying to copy your files into.

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I had already tried all kinds of locations (drives, folders) before searching the web for a fix, and posting here.

This “path” error is a bug, the best proof is that is does export as eml to the selected destination but stops after 927 files.

The 927 files can be found in the selected destination folder.

Whatever mailboxed I try to export it’s always the same issue. 927 files exported, no more.

can you tell me what Antivirus program are you using?
It really seems like the issue is caused by something on your computer and shouldn’t be an issue with the application.

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I’m using Comodo. I deactivated it and tried again to export, but the problem remains the same, the export crashes at the same point.

Besides, “It’s something on your computer” sounds like a blanket statement. But with Windows 8.1, who knows.

The thing is, I have no issue exporting with Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird. I much prefer EM client overall, but if I can’t export all of my mailboxes to EML it will be a serious issue for me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the culprit was something about accentuated characters in the path name… It’s not an uncommon issue with sofwtare that has been developed by english speaking developers. Just a hunch.

If it’s always happening when exporting e-mail 927, then my first suspicion would be there’s something special with e-mail 927… but because you say you’ve tried to export different e-mail boxes, and it’s still e-mail 927…then I suspect there might be code in eM Client which purposely stops when exporting e-mail 927 (maybe to check a bug raised by another customer?).

we’ve suspected there might be an issue with accentuated characters, but would you be able to locate the particular email which the export can’t get over?

If we’d known what character is the issue we might be able to solve the problem after all.

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Not knowing the order of export, it will be difficult for me to pintpoint “email 927” and/or the problematic path name… nevertheless I’ll give it a go and get back.

It wasn’t that hard, I got lucky and found the culprit in 30 seconds once I started looking for something about characters in the folder names.

The issue is with repeating dots (double or triple) dots / suspension points.

Achat nouvelle maison, crédit hypothécaire etc… > FAIL (three dots)
Achat nouvelle maison, crédit hypothécaire etc… > FAIL (two dots)
Achat nouvelle maison, crédit hypothécaire etc. > PASS (one dot)

I had three local folders with repeating dots, 927 was only the first wrong pass.

So I found a workaround by removing the repeating dots, but the problem still lies in the code, lurking for the next opportunity to annoy a user… :wink:

great! Thank you for the trouble, we’ll try to resolve this problem as soon as possible.


Are those dots used to create folder names?

If I try to create a folder in Windows Explorer with 1 or more dots at the end of the folder name, those dots are removed by Windows automatically.

Only dots in the beginning or middle of a folder name are preserved…not the dots at the end.