Exporting Contacts

I have been trying to export all my contacts to a .vcf file, but it is only including one contact, and I don’t even know that person. I followed the guidance from the website, but it’s not working. Help please. I am on an HP laptop running Windows 10 Home.


Click “Contacts” at the bottom left of eM Client, and then click “Menu / File / Export” and select “Export contacts to .vcf files”.

To then export all your contacts from all your accounts, click the “Check all” box at the bottom left.

Lastly click “export all contacts iinto a single file”

Note:- If you still haven’t got all your contact email address’s in the exported file after doing the below, then the missing contacts will have "only been typed in the “To , CC: or BCC: line” recipient field and you have to “Save those to your contacts” and “then export the contacts again” to a .vcf file. See further down this post for instructions how to do that.

(To Export all your contacts to a .vcf file) - eM Client V9.2 example





(To export your Recipient history to save to your Contacts).- eM Client V9.2 example

Click “Menu / Settings / Mail / Compose”. Then click “Show Recipients”. Next “Select all your Recipients”, and then click “Save As”. Lastly “Choose your Contacts account folder” to save these to.

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Thank you for the guidance. This is what I did before asking for help; I did it multiple times and got the same results with only one contact. I have EMClient version 8.2.1721, does that make a difference?

Exporting out of V8.2.1721 is exactly the same.

Sorry don’t know why you only have one contact when you exported via that method as that works for me when ive done it in the past.

The only other way you can export, is "rather than selecting the box marked “Check all” on the “Export to .vcf files” screen, is to "Manually click the arrow “>” on the “Left of your accounts” and select each contact folder / folders and then click “Next” as in the example screenshot below.


Ps Ive just exported all my contacts using the “Check all” and by “Manually checking the contacts in each account” and both exported perfectly. You can see the file size on the exported file at the end.

Note:- If you have Windows and just dbl-click the .vcf file you will only normally see (One Contact) appear. However when you import that into another mailer, you will have all your contacts. Also if you open that file with eg; The “Windows Contacts” program via the right click “Open with” option, the first contact will appear and then closing that contact will then bring up the next one and so on. If you do that, open the task manager and close Windows Contacts or you will be forever closing each contact.


Since I don’t have the “Check all” check box, I have been selecting all the contacts the way you describe above. I have been importing the contacts file into Outlook, not just double clicking on the file. I will poke around to see what I can figure out. Thanks again for your thoughts on this.

One other thing, when you export your contacts from eM Client to a .vcf file, what file size in “kb” do you get exported?

This topic seems to have fizzled out without a solution.
I have a Group of Contacts for a mass mailing in EMC.
How do I export the names and email addresses to a spreadsheet so I can log the replies?
I can produce a .csv file but it only contains the header and not the contacts in the group.

Go to the Contacts section of eM Client.

Change to the List display. You may have to add/remove or move the columns around to get what you want.

Select all the contacts you want to export to your spreadsheet.

By right-click choose Export List > Export to CSV.


I am talking about the fifteen names in a ‘group’.

If I right click on the group I only get the header.

If I open the group so I can see the fifteen names and select them it does not let me right click them.

Oddly/interestingly I cannot use CTL A to select all the names - only by clicking on the first and shift/scrolling to the last one.

Can someone follow this up, please. Exporting from a group or batch of names.