Export Mails into Outlook

Hi. Has someone found an easy free way to export some mails from EM Client and then convert to .PST ? I really like EM Client & am keeping EM Client as my main but need to move some mails into Outlook 2019…Thanks for any help …Bill

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We don’t have a way to export to PST, sorry.

There are some options though.
You can add the same email account in MS Outlook, and both applications will share the same messages through the server. Or you can export the messages from eM Client in the default eml format, and import those into MS Outlook.

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Give this a shot:

Export eM Client email to .eml format and then go to Google and enter “.eml to .pst” (without quotes) and choose from the many results.


Hi Gary…If I export from em Client as .eml, I don’t think MS Outlook is able to impot them as I think Outlook accepts only PST ?? Thanks

Hi Al. Thanks very much…Just thought someone at this formu may have a short cut for this…Only need to do this with a few emails and the prices for a program run between 19.00 and 39.00 dollars…Thanks again…Bill

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I don’t think MS Outlook is able to impot them

You can import eml files into Outlook without converting to pst. See the below link for one such freeware site program on how to do that with exported eml files.


Otherwise as @sunriseal advised above just convert the eml to pst with other programs.

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