Exchange Web Services Error

Problem fixed for me as well.
The error message tells you which mailbox/which folder.
I saw that the oldest email in EM client in this folder is the first email ‘after the email causing the problem’.
I used the Outlook Web Access (Webmail), browsed the folder, looked for the email causing the problem, and deleted it. It moved the email to the trash. In EM client, error message changed to say the problem is now with the Trash folder. I searched for the email in the trash folder, and deleted it. Problem fixed.

I hope it helps.

Same error here, the useful only information I can see in the error message and stack trace is that the issue is with my Sent folder, I have removed the past 3 months work of emails that have an attachment and I am still getting the error, any idea how to narrow this down on a Mac?

I am having this problem as well, with the Sent folder only. Based on posts I saw here, I deleted all emails with attachments other than the pdf and word docs we normally use - problem persists. It’s so unfortunate that “Gary” stubbornly keeps repeating himself denying that the problem is with EMClient when it plainly is. He should be escalating this to support and fixing the problem. If your goal is to alienate customers Gary - good job. I’m done wasting my time trying to solve the problem and will just move to another client.

Same Error here since a few days:
[Exchange Web Services] personal******* An internal server error occurred. The operation failed., Property: [Calc:PersonId] PersonId, PropertyErrorCode: CorruptedData, PropertyErrorDescription: .

It keeps popping up and if I delete the oldest Mail (that seems to be the Problem) of one folder the message renews for another folder - very weird.

According to Microsoft it might be an issue with the Protocol.

I am also suddenly having the same problem everyone else is reporting. From reading this thread, apparently the problem is caused by an attachment to an email.

I went to the folder indicated in the error message and deleted every email that had an attachment, but that didn’t help.

Since this doesn’t happen with other email clients, something about the way eM Client is interacting with the server is producing the server error.

While I appreciate that this is a “Server Error” my ISP points to the client as cause. The posts from eM Client point to the server as causing the error.

Yes, there is a server error but we need help on determining the cause.

Anyone have any ideas?

Regardless who’s “fault” it is, during the interaction between eM Client and the server, there is a message that is causing an error/abort.

Can you get any assistance in a strategy for tracking down and identifying that email for deletion?

Would deleting the eM Client database and/or removing the program and letting it rebuild the database from the server as if it were a new install be a possible solution?

I have the same issue. I tried deleting all my emails with .vcf card attachment and restart emClient but it didn´t work so at the end I will have to come back to outlook as a email client. it´s a pity as I bought a lifetime license.

This response is verging on childish. You know that there is an issue with certain types of attachments. You also know that this issue doesn’t seem to occur with any other mail client. It’s a bit like a fuel station putting the wrong fuel into one of their tanks, then someone putting that wrong fuel into an engine and the fuel station saying it’s not our problem, only the car manufacturer can fix it. That may be true, but the fuel station damn well ought to be looking into why it happened and making sure it doesn’t happen again. Like others, I have just bought a lifetime license and this is making me reconsider.

I’m having exactly the same issue with the same error. Came across this thread while searching for a solution. Adding my voice here hoping EM client tech support can offer up a path to trouble shoot or solve this. I’ve been using EM client for years and I love it, but I need to solve this.