Exchange Web Services Error

We are randomly have staff members show up with the following error:

[Exchange Web Services] Synchronizing folder ‘[email protected]/Inbox’ failed due to the following error: An internal server error occurred. The operation failed., Property: [Calc:PersonId] PersonId, PropertyErrorCode: CorruptedData, PropertyErrorDescription:

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? We’ve been digging in on this for a full day and cannot determine what is causing this.

An internal server error means an error on your email provider’s server.

You will need to reach out to them, give them the error, and they should be able to resolve it for you.

How do we determine that it’s a server error though? This is only affecting some users, while others are perfectly fine. It seems very random and only affecting eM Client users but not any other platform.

It’s right there in the error you quoted:

This is the message from your server, saying it has an internal error.

Where can I find the logging for this in eM Client so I can provide that for them because we need to have detailed information to know what and where the problem is?

You already quoted it:

Probably there is more, which you didn’t quote here. The full text will be in Menu > Operations > Log tab.

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We have exactly the same problem since about the same date.

We contacted Microsoft, so far, they were unable to determine where the problem is coming from and told us to use Outlook. When using Outlook, there is no error message.

I agree that a message saying “Internal Server Error” means the server has an error.
BUT, unless you tell me that I’m totally wrong, the client can eventually send something that the server can’t handle, causing the error.

I opened a ticket with EM Client support team.
I had an answer saying it’s a server side issue, and that the support is focusing on customers paying for the support (I paid for the support before I opened the ticket, I suppose there was a misunderstanding somewhere).

The problem is really ennoying, because the error message reappears at every syncing (every 10 minutes).

Would be very nice if your support team gives a bit of help to check if anything can be done.

Unfortunately it is a server issue as the error says. Only your email provider can fix it.

Did you read the part saying that the client could be sending something wrong (i.e. something not compliant) ?
What do you think about it ? Don’t want to have a look at it ?

Well, then your email provider will be able to tell you what that is. Unfortunately all they say is that they have a server error.

Perhaps you have a different error, in which case you need to quote it here please. Otherwise, the error already quoted in this topic is: An internal server error occurred.

That means your email provider is saying that they have an error on their server, not an error in the client application.

Unfortunately there is nothing that an email application vendor can do to fix a server error. Only your email provider can address that.

I understand that Microsoft has to provide more info about the error.

I have a last information.
The Android (mobile) version of EM Client shows no error.
The Windows one does.

Here is the latest response I received from Microsoft. We’ve been digging through and cannot determine what a third-party interfering tool is

I understand that you are looking for examples of third-party tools that could be interfering with the connection.

Please note that troubleshooting third-party tools falls outside the scope of our support. I would suggest reaching out to the support team of the specific tool you are using, as they would be better equipped to assist you with any configuration changes required in the admin portal.

It is an internal error on their server. Please give them the error that their server reports so they can fix it.

I’ve done that and they are insisting there are no errors in EWS as they’ve investigated our tenant and functioning properly. The implication from them is that there is a third party tool interfering with the connection.

Are you aware of any third party tools that could interfere with EWS in eM Client?