Exchange Account Authentication failed

My Hotmail account at top left corner shows Outlook Mail. 

As my mailbox has been moved to the new Exchange format, I deleted my two IMAP accounts in eM Client and tried to setup them in Exchange format.

Setting a new account is failing and saying:
“The server was found, but authentication failed. Check the mail address and password.”

Mail address and password are correct. 
What can be the problem?
Any fix?

User name should also contain your email address

It can then take many minutes to obtain server details
Ignore any certificate errors.

Let’s say the user name is " Thomas Young" and e-mail address is " tom.young@hotmail" (imaginary name and address).

How should I fill the user name ?

" tom.young@hotmail"

Thank you,
I just tried this way, but it didn’t help,
Exchange is still failing Authentication.
There must be some other reason…

Do you have 2-stage verification active on your account?

No, I don’t…

Do you have an email scanner active in your antivirus application, if so try disabling that.

I’m using Avira Free Antivirus, mail protection isn’t usable and disabled for free users…

Are you using the latest version of eM Client - 7.0.27943.0?

I didn’t try v7 yet, I’m on v6.0.24985…

I would suggest trying the latest version as there have been many changes to the way Exchange works in eM Client

OK, suggestion done.
Upgraded to 7.0.27943.0, 
Exchange is still failing Authentication…
No hope

It should work - three of my four Hotmail accounts are on outlook.mail and all work fine in Exchange format in eM Client  The last one I set up was only a couple of days ago

I’m about out of ideas!  there must be something going on at Microsoft’s end with your account. Perhaps try verifying your account  Log in to in your browser, go to Account settings > Security & Privacy > More security settings, and see if you need to verify.

Went to >More security settings, 
as I see no need to verify, everything is OK. 
But I verified it again as a precaution…

And nothing, Exchange Authentication keeps failing…

Could it be because I don’t have and don’t use also 
Outlook in Microsoft Office 2013/2016 or Office 365 ?

I haven’t got Outlook installed on any of my computers so I would doubt it.
What operating system are you using? And is it Home, Pro, Enterprise?

Windows 8 Pro

Its a long shot - I know Avira free doesn’t scan emails, but in case Avira is causing some problem you could try uninstalling Avira free, restart the computer (Windows Defender should kick in), then try again.

Hello Yaroyo,
the Email address field and User Name field need to be the same.
If you see ‘Outlook Mail’ in the top left corner when you login to outlook webmail you should be able to setup your account with Exchange.


Thank you John, I appreciate your affords and very logical advises to help me on this matter.

I uninstalled Avira, restarted the computer and tried again to setup as Exchange.

No success, it’s failing…