Exceeded API quota error

Aside: I uninstalled eM Client, cleaned up the remnant file and registry entries (many), didn’t touch some databases (files and registry entries) that had eM Client listed, and reinstalled eM Client.  That got rid of some problems: eM Client could now use the system notifications in Win10 (toast popups and Action Center entries), and could now poll my Hotmail account.

However, now I’ve noticed yet another problem.  Sometime during the day, eM Client errors when attempting to synchronize the contacts from my Gmail account.  Apparently eM Client is polling too often and violating a maximum quota per day of querying the contacts list in Gmail.  Alas, the Menu -> Tools -> Operations -> Errors dialog won’t let me copy its content to paste here.  The error was not included in any logs under C:\Users<myaccount>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Logs. Unfortunately, after changing logging options which require restarting eM Client to effect, Tools -> Operations -> Errors was now empty. Great, the error that I was trying to capture has disappeared. I had a screen snapshot from earlier regarding this same error that was saved in my clipboard manager (Clipmate). I attached the screenshot to this post.

I see https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/error-google-api-limit-exceeded was reported 2 months ago, yet eM Client is still violating some quota maximum regarding number of contact syncs per day. I cannot find any setting within eM Client that lets the user decide how often to sync to contacts. There is a mail poll setting, but that is at its default of 10 minutes (which is what I usually configure). In other e-mail clients with the same 10-minute poll interval (which is for e-mail, not for contacts or calendar), I’ve never encountered this exceeded quota limit. At 10-minute poll intervals, that’s 144 polls per day. At 1-minute poll intervals, that’s 1440 polls per day. According to:


the API limits (how many times a client can issue an API request to Gmail’s servers) are:

Daily Usage: 1,000,000,000 quota units per day
Per User Rate Limit: 250 quota units per user per second, moving average (allows short bursts)

Those probably are for all API requests, like e-mail, calendar, and contacts. However, a billion API requests per day and 250/second are huge numbers compared to even the shortest polling interval that can be configured in eM Client. eM Client is making a hugely excessive API request count.

I’ve gone through https://www.emclient.com/release-history but didn’t see anything in the last 6 months that is related to downsizing the API request count by eM Client. No idea what “Several other fixes” or “A few other fixes” would entail for changes.

If, as one user proposed in his post in the above forum thread, that eM Client (free) is pooling all API requests for all free version users at the Gmail server then that might account for exceeding the user rate and daily usage quota limits at Gmail. That also means eM Client is a very poor e-mail client if it does indeed pool all API requests together. That would be such a poor design that I would doubt eM Client would be designed that way for its free version. The product ID is shown in my screenshot. Wonder if it’s the same one used by all other users of eM Client Free.


So, maybe eM Client does have a project defined at Google that allows its clients to issue API requests to Gmail.


If those project quotas apply to all API requests from all clients using that same project, yep, eM Client has likely grown past its quotas to allow all eM Client users reasonable access to their Gmail accounts. From:


looks like eM Client Inc. would have to pay [more] money to get higher quotas. With the free version of their software, that likely won’t happen, and users will continue to get exceeded quota errors that impact the use of account(s) for each user of eM Client. The undersized quota for API requests across all free users means eM Client’s popularity has outgrown its planned capacity. This would affect both long-time and newbie eM Client users.

The only way to tell if all free eM Client users are using the same Google API project would be to check if the project ID reported in the error messages was the same (if the project ID in the error message refers to a Google account’s project ID for API access).

Please see the announcement pinned to this forum.


Thanks for the link.  The announcement says it is 3 hours old (from when I visited the thread).  In that thread, “In the last week, you might have noticed a few strange errors popping up for your Google accounts or even problems setting up Google accounts at all.”  I haven’t done a complete search and review of related threads, but the one that I noticed was dated 2 months ago.  It appears the announcement was made 2 months ago but updated 3 hours ago.  That’s a long time to address this issue.  No real description of what was the resolution beyond something to do with OAUTH, but it still looks like a Google API quota limit for eM Client’s project there.

From the pics in the other thread, the project ID (920743529221) matches the one in the error that I encountered.  Indicates eM Client Inc has pooled all API requests under a single Google account that grants API requests to all eM Client users.  My guess is the resolution was to finally get around to upping the quota for eM Client’s project there.  I don’t know of a way to search on a Google project ID to see who is the owner.

I will have to wait a few days to see if the resolution worked or not.  I don’t recall how many times the error appeared in eM Client, but it was probably about once a day (but that could be just the first error and it is not shown again until some interval past when eM Client figures it will regain some more quota, like another day since the max API request count is a per-day quota).

Hopefully this 2-month issue finally got addressed.  Thanks for the info.

Nope, 4 days later and still getting the exceed API quota error.  Problem was not fixed as claimed.  This is a problem with eM Client Inc not having a large enough quota for the Google API account for the current load of users.  If they upped their API request quota with Google, it must’ve been a small incremental increase that really didn’t handle their current user load, and it will only get worse with the addition of new users.  They aren’t growing their quota to match load, a bad indication on the longevity of this software. 

I got the Exchange account (Hotmail) to start working when it started to fail (one day after installing eM Client).  Now Gmail accounts are failing, and not just for me.  I need BOTH to work reliably.  Freeware is nice (and no indication payware users aren’t suffering the same fate) but not at a cost of non-usability.  With the dearth of freeware Exchange e-mail/calendar/contact local apps, seems my only choice is to go back to MS Outlook via Office 365 subscription.  Oh well, so much for robust freeware solutions.  You get what you pay for.  I should ask for a refund (yuck, yuck).

One of the great advantages of free software is that you are free to change to something else if it is not working for you. You lose nothing but the time you spend trying to get it to work.

I take it you’ve not heard the author as re-resolved the problem.

Not all costs involve money (which is still a barter system representing your time, labor, and/or value).  There are costs to freeware that is defective or deficient:

  • Pollution of file system and registry, even after uninstallation.

  • Pollution of databases (e.g., binary notification database in registry and file).  Modification is possible, but requires an even higher learning curve, and possible expenses for the needed tools.

  • Wasted time:

    • By the user to troubleshoot the problems.
    • To learn the product; i.e., deadended learning.
    • Not everyone considers their time as valueless.
  • Loss of personal events or business due to lack of receiving e-mails.

  • Missed notifications for meetings or appointments.

  • Having to repeat the research to find another candidate solution.

  • Loss of reputation to the product author/owner.  Part, perhaps most, of their customerbase is generated by word-of-mouth recommendation.
    I already did the research to find what looked like the best solution.  The others fell short of features in their freeware versions.  As far as I’m concerned, there is no better freeware Windows e-mail/calendar/contacts client than eM Client.  Alas, with all its problems, it is disheartening that it is not a viable choice.  The best free choice is still not a good choice.  Regardless of the time spent researching and trialing, looks like I’m stuck using payware (e.g., Mailbird, MS Outlook via Office 365).

I’ve tried to make eM Client work.  So have other users.  I’m joining those that leave because they need something better, stable, and reliable, and won’t tolerate defective freeware.  All these problems tarnish the product, especially since they are trying to generate revenue from it in the $50 Pro edition.  I have more than 2 accounts that the freeware will support.  If the product had worked well, I would’ve spent the money to upgrade to support my 6 accounts (2 Hotmail/Outlook.com, 2 Gmail, and 2 with ISP, in that order of importance).  I see no indication that the payware edition will be immune to the problems encountered in the freeware edition.

Did it look like I wasn’t trying to get this product to work?  Did the content of my posts make it appear that I’m some newbie that surrenders when hitting the first bump?  I didn’t install, find problems, and immediately uninstall it.  I had a trial 10 months ago, but was too busy back then to spend much time attempting to fix or find workarounds for a broken program.  I started another trial about 3 months ago, but still ran into too many problems.  The more I use eM Client, the more problems I find with it.  I’m not getting past the usability pregnancy curve.

I’ll keep trying to use eM Client, but I suspect my several-month trial has come to an end with the conclusion that this not a good choice for me.  Free is nice, but this product has just accumulated too many problems requiring too much of my time to research and troubleshoot.  Although free, it has become too expensive.  Promising yet disappointing.

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Is there a question in there somewhere?

Is there a helpful reply in there somewhere?

Yes, ask a question and someone will try to answer it.

But a comment is also OK, I just don’t have the time to read through it.

I did report a problem.  You implied was fixed (by citing another thread).  My reply was to report on status: the problem has NOT been resolved as you implied.  Then you chose to become snooty with an inane retort, and you got like in return.  If you don’t want the discussion to devolve, then don’t take a turn that way.

I did not imply anything, I just pointed you to the official announcement. 

Make of it what you want, but if you have any questions, please be succinct.

I did report a problem.  You implied it was fixed.  After all, if you didn’t think it was fixed, why point at the other thread?  Then I report status noting the problem has NOT been fixed.  Then you get snooty.

“Is there a question somewhere in there?”

What, you want me to keep asking more and more questions in every reply?  How does one report status on a problem but pose it as a question?  You don’t have time to read replies, but you have time to respond to them (but not offer help).  Uh huh.

If this were Usenet, I’d start to suspect that I’ve been suckered by a troll.  If you’re the best that this forum has to offer to resolve problems, it’s in a sad state.  I didn’t come here asking on how to use the product which can be found by reading its help.  I was hoping there were experts in here in operation and troubleshooting the program.  Not so far.

So we don’t keep irritating each other, is there a way to filter out posts from particular users here?

My post was simply "please see the announcement .  . . " That does not imply anything, but does without doubt confirm that the application developers have made an official comment.

I don’t use Google so have no experience with this issue. However, as eM Client Inc. have given an official comment on the status of the problem, I gave you that link because apparently you did not see it.