Event notifications in indecipherable HTML code!

Hi all,
I’m new here. I’ve been a Thunderbird user for over a decade but switched recently to emClient. I use the most recent pro version (v.8).

It’s a wonderful discovery, and beside being an excellent email-calendar app, it offers every bell and whistle to satisfy even the most sophisticated needs. Except for one simple tiny thing! Maybe it’s a noob question and I’m sorry in advance if the question would sound stupid and addressed dozen times in this forum. I couldn’t find a quick fix.

Why my recipients get event notifications in garbage HTML code (see mage below)? I couldn’t find anything in the app settings to switch content to HTML!
Image 2 show the 3 lines that should appear in place of teh HTML code.
emClient_Invitation|574x500 emClient_Invitation2 .

Edit: Just to add. Invitations are generated by Google Calendar, so maybe this explains that. If it is the case, I see no option in Google Calendar settings to allow HTML.

You will find this setting in Menu > Accounts then click on your Gmail account. In the Google Calendar tab, tick Disable HTML format in Description.


Thank you Gary for your time. I tried your suggestion. Really great in a way but it’s not exactly what I was looking for! HTML is disactivated (we gain the possibility to attach a file, but that feature doesn’t seem to work!); however, we lose the ability to edit text (bold, italic, font colors, etc.) and to insert links. Inserting links is by far the most important one for me.

An editing menu is still available by right clicking but it doesn’t seem to serve any purpose.

Please advise.

If you disable HTML, so that is does not show in the event invitation, then all you have is plain text. You cannot edit plain text in that way; it is simply plain.

Thank you Gary. That’s clear as a bell. I’ll try to ask my question differently then:

Why do I see HTML code in invitations received by em Client while I see text formatting and HTML normally displayed in invitations sent and/or read:

  • in Gmail (Internet)
  • in any other email app I use, among others on my Android phone (Aquamail Pro)
  • in a calendar app on my desktop (MineTime)
  • in calendars on my Android phone (Google Calendar and aCalendar)?
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One thing you need to understand is that the invitation is rendered by the server and not the desktop application. They all have their own standards for sending formatted text in the description, but eM Client overcomes that by allowing you to prevent HTML in the description. That way the server should not insert HTML tags into the description at all.

I sent invites from three online calendars using their web interfaces, and formatted a single word in bold in the description. Neither eM Client, Thunderbird nor Evolution desktop clients received the description as I would expect. The word was either encased in visible HTML tags, or not formatted at all.

My conclusion is that it makes no difference what desktop client is used to receive the invitation, but some allow you to prevent HTML in the description when sending the invitation.

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Sorry to bring back this subject. It’s a deal breaker for me (and one of two things that are preventing my company from buying pro licenses for all its employees).

I understand the formatting thing in the description. I understand perfectly what @Gary meant in his last post. However, how do you, guys, insert an HTML link in an invitation description (a clickable web link, an email address, etc.)?

Nothing is clickable in the events invitations I receive in eMC (links in descriptions, calendar links, attendees emails, etc.). Am I missing something here?
(Allowing or disabling HTML format in Description as per @Gary’s suggestion doesn’t change the above.)

Maybe this comment is of some interest:

Yes, it is, @Gary, thank you. I think both problems are related and both deserve an immediate attention from the developers team.