Cannot see Calendar Notes

Hello! When I get a calendar invite that has “notes” I cannot see the notes in EM Client. However I can see them fine on my iPhone. How do I fix this?

Do you mean the description?

I tested this with the latest version of eM Client available to download from the Release History and the description appears in the invite as expected.

What version are you using?


I am using the latest version and yes I mean the description. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Here is an example ZOOM meeting I have that the description does not show. However if I look at my iPhone or log into gmail I can see the zoom link etc. Help!

I think this may be related to another discussion.

I regret but we were unable to reproduce the problem. Could you contact me directly at [email protected] for further instructions, please?

Sent the email as requested!

Turns out EM Client does not support the Video Conference field in Google Calendars. So if someone sends you a zoom/hangout etc calendar invite you cannot see it in the EM Client. This was confirmed by EM Client Support. It wont be fix until at least 8.2.

This really stinks.