Error message about not connecting to Microsoft server server

I just started getting this error message yesterday.

[IMAP] Known Microsoft Exchange server error “User is authenticated but not connected.” has been encountered on IMAP connection. This issue is temporary and should be automatically resolved by the server. If not, please contact your mail provider.

Can anyone help please?

I have a Live mail account and it is working just fine through and on my iPhone application just not emclient.
Thank you.

I have the same problem since yesterday. I have a Hotmail account that does the same thing, but I have another that works fine. In my android phone thw 2 hotmaail accounts work fine …

I have also had this problem since the weekend. My outlooklive account can be picked up online so I have email but I would prefer to use eMClient where it links to my info stores. I have tried the VIP support who suggested a couple of fixes that did not work and now say its all down to a problem at the server ie microsoft. BUT its only happened since accepting the latest update so I suspect a eMC problem.
Interestingly the calendar continued to update but the email synch has stopped completely. Maybe we will be unable to link EMClient to outlook? Help appreciated

Same here and it started on the weekend as well? Is this related to MS trying to correct “Auth0” problem or is it yet another problem in addition to the first?

Hey eM Client - please respond!!! Many people having this issue.

This is exactly what the error says: “This issue is temporary and should be automatically resolved by the server. If not, please contact your mail provider.”

It is a long standing issue with Microsoft servers. If it does not resolve itself, please contact your email provider for assistance.

Same here, just started today. I’ve deleted and added back outlook account, disable ip6 and still not working.

Here is what Microsoft support has said to someone on their help site.
this is the answer that I got so far from MSFT support:
"I just want to set an expectation, O. We are from Windows and we mainly support Mail Application and if you are using an Outlook Application, we can refer you to Office Support. In case you are using another Mail application other than the Microsoft Applications mentioned, we would suggest contacting their respective support. "

Just as I thought, Why would Microsoft care or help since their product is working just fine.
Thank you.

I too had this same problem at the same time. Hotmail works fine on iPhone and via Web Browser. Tried competitor, Mailspring, work fine.

I had the same problem. I was able to get EM Client to connect and receive emails, by following the suggestion in the Knowledgebase article - Cannot send emails for accounts - Authentication aborted - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software ( to remove the workaround. (I had applied it two weeks ago to solve the problem of being unable to send mail). However, while I have solved the receiving problem I can’t send emails.

I have 6 email accounts attached to eM Client. None of them connect with Outlook anymore (started days ago). I sent this email to support:

It seems that somehow this issue has something to do with eM Client as I removed eM Client’s workaround (below) that I had previously installed and the issue that this ticket is about went away. Unfortunately, the original issue returned so I reinstalled the workaround.
I have now lost connection to 2 of my emails in eM Client and I am assuming more will follow.
I cannot be the only one with this issue!
It really doesn’t matter to me if it is eM Client or Outlook (both blame each other) - it just seems that eM Client is no longer compatible with Outlook and no one is saying that (and that there is no help for this).

Response from eM Client just said it was Outlook’s fault.

Obviously, as of today I am looking for a new email client as eM Client is now unuseable with Outlook. I have used them for years. Boo hoo.

Had this problem, solved it by connecting via Exchange instead of IMAP

Create a new account → Mail → Exchange
Enter credentials, EM Client doesn’t find the Exchange server and asks for it
enter for the server

Worked for me on 5 workstations

Poor answer. Does not explain why other email clients are not having this issue.

I have not quite given up hope of a solution but share the interest in finding an alternative to EMC given this seems to be an incompatibility between two companies. If you find a good one - let the rest of us know. thanks

There are, lately, too many Microsoft/Outlook error if I may say so.
A couple of weeks ago with authentication, and now this.

Also, as @mark4h states, other email-apps are working fine. So I’d say… it’s technically an issue on eM Client’s side.

Let’s fix this asap, will you guys?!

I just tried the Exchange solution that Wilgar suggested and it seems to be working. FYI, It did recognize the server for me so I did not have to enter
I have sent 3 test messages and had my wife send me one and got them all plus Junk mail now.
Lets see how long it works.

Just to be clear, I added my same account as an Exchange account instead of imap.
The old account is still giving the error message and not working. Two inboxes next to each other. One added just now and working as an Exchange account and the other was added using the automatic option years ago.
Hope this helps.

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Another possible solution
I went back and created a new account manually via the EMCLient standard manual method - using and similar for the stmp. It has allocated ports 143 (not 993) and 25 (not 587) and it asked me for usual account pw and - bingo - the account has created the correct folders and is accumulating messages from the server. I cannot see why it should work but as long as it continues to fill the folders (I have a lot of mail in them) I shall be happy. More feedback in the morning.

If this gives out the I may will try the Wilgar method via exchange.
NEXT morning = still working - all messages/folders present and correct - THE VIP support service settings were what I had used before and did not work - the new port settings that came from a manual reset are not recommended anywhere that I have found - but no matter - its working!!!

Excellent info Wilgar. That worked on both of my accounts. The key info was the server ID.

Same problem here since the weekend. No problem with phone or using Hotmail via the web browser. It’s pretty obvious that Microsoft “improved” Outlook over the weekend and broke EMClient. Glad to know that EMClient support reports that the only company that can fix the problem is Microsoft. I’m sure Microsoft is really motivated to fix the EMClient issue.