Error LIST server folders (

I receive sometime the error “[IMAP]Failed to LIST server folders ( LIST Invalid credentials)” with my email account (Yahoo)

Do you have a idea what wrong ?
For info, I use Em Client 8.2

Thanks in advance for your help :+1:

This is a server issue. Please contact Yahoo! as their server is broken.

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How can it be a server issue if no problems are experianced with outlook at the same time.

Maybe you have a different error then, but the error given above by @solitaire2511 is that [IMAP]Failed to LIST server folders ( LIST Invalid credentials). That is a server error.

[IMAP] Failed to LIST server folders ( LIST Invalid credentials) This is the error message I keep getting but not with outlook.
[IMAP] Cannot open folder “/Inbox/Ebay Purchaces”. (NO [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] SELECT Invalid credentials)
This is another example. I get this message referring to loads of different folders each time it sync’s.

I have already had this problem …

Yes @RalphNelson , that is a server error. Please ask the email provider for assistance.

I agree with Gary, this seems to be a server based issue with Yahoo. I am getting those same errors, but it comes and goes day to day, so I suspect they are having server issues. None of my other email providers I got setup are having any issues. In the past Yahoo was working fine, and this just started happening recently. I have made no changes to my OS or eM Client. All that points to it being a Yahoo Mail issue.

Today new error in addition … strange ?

[IMAP]Impossible d’ouvrir le dossier “/2ememain”. (NO [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] SELECT Invalid credentials)

I suspect the cause is the same …

@RalphNelson your error is about Ebay and mine about 2ememain, both are online platforms to sale, do they have something in common ?

Those are folders you have created on your individual IMAP accounts on the Yahoo! server. It is irrelevant what messages you are saving in those folders.

The issue is that the server is broken and it may decide not to authenticate you for any of your folders. Please contact the email provider for assistance.

Yeah this “LIST server folders error” happens randomly on servers as well whether OAuth is used or not with any version of eM Client. Sometimes it can work for hours ok and then fail. constantly. Definitely a Yahoo issue.