Error: Google API limit exceeded

As of a few days ago I have been getting this error message (see screen shot)

I am using EMC to connect to Gmail but this is a corp account not a personal one.

any help is appreciated.

Same issue here, does anyone have any info or a solution?

Same here, as of today - except that in my error the first line states “/Contacts/” rather than "/Directory/"

Some other minor differences, but the “project_number” listed against in the message portion is the same…
Is this limiting access from EM Client as a whole (i.e. everyone using EM Client lumped in the same group)?

Another post from a year ago (similar but different error - post title “Google Contacts: Daily Limit Exceeded”) has someone from EM Client advising that user to contact Google about API limits.

I’ve gone to the link in the error, and (understandably I think) I get an access denied message.

Add me to the list: 

11:58:56 PM   MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Synchronizing folder list failed due to the following error: Execution of request failed: ({…

That’s a huge result set, bi-product of EmClient’s rise in popularity? :frowning:

I think, like the current fiasco with BT, this is something you need to contact your provider about.

But if you have a Pro License like Miron, you could open a support ticket directly with eM Client and see what they have to say.

I have the same error message as you (Contacts) with the same project number so my best guess would be that this is not an individual problem but a general one which EM Client has to fix.

I highly doubt that this is a localized issue - given the error it looks like it’s focusing on a specific project ID in the API call from the client and not my global IP or subnet. That means a lot of people are probably affected by the overage of calls. Given that I am currently a free user I suspect that all “free” users likely get pooled into a single client configuration and project for segmentation reasons , and that we are the lucky few (hence my comment about the popularity of the client recently) whom will be impacted. I am hoping it is an unnatural spike and will go away, but given how “chattery” this app is I wouldn’t be surprised at reaching that limit within a day if there were a large number of users onboarding. Looking at a snippet of the log it made 284 separate calls to the calendar and contact API over just part of the day.                                               

Here is to hoping that it’s transitory or that they can modify the client to reduce the overall number of calls to keep them in line. I was just starting to settle in and get used to the client too, do not really want to switch again. :(                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Isn’t Google’s api quota 50,000 requests per project per day?

I remember having this discussion on another forum, and we concluded that it was impossible for the average user to reach the quota. In the event that they did, the quota could be increased for a fee.

But if you feel eM Client is to blame, you can change the frequency that eM Client syncs with calendars and contacts. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization.

That’s still only 1440 requests per day with a 1 minute setting.

The error suggests 2,147,483,646 “results”, I know for API requests the free limit is 1,000,000 requests per day, though I have no idea what the query/result ratio is. As for whom is responsible, if that project making the sync request isn’t emClient’s project, who does it belong to? I do know that the only way to go above the API usage limitations is to spend $$ - from that 2 billion + results allowed it sounds like someone already has spent some, just not enough to cover the traffic? 

*edit: Oh, and thank you for pointing out that preference @Gary! I somehow never noticed it with it being buried there on the first page and all (amazing how the eyes can scan right over something right there, many times).  :wink: I will try that out and see if it quiets some of the chatter I see hitting netmon. At least this error does not impact the IMAP functionality, as long as emails continue to flow it’s not devastating, just annoying. :) 

Hi all,

First thanks everyone for their input.

  1. I think that adjusting the sync interval is not really viable. I am using this in a corp env and it is expected that email sync is (as much as possible) instantaneous. I don’t think that in 2019 this is an unreasonable expectation
  2. The corp account I was referring to is the Gmail account not EMC. My EMC copy is the free one.

What would be good is for someone from EMC to explain what this ‘project’ is, what is the ownership model, what does the quota imply etc.

I authenticate to Gmail as me so why is there a limit which is somehow shared by every EMC client? I am 99.99% sure I am only employee which does not use Gmail in browser so I doubt this is my company’s quota which is being exceeded.

So what is going on?

  1. That sync interval is not for messages when using IMAP as IMAP syncs in real-time. It is only for POP3 message retrieval, calendars, contacts and tasks.  

  2. If you are using eM Client for business you need to purchase a Pro License or remove the application form your computer otherwise that is a violation of the license agreement.

Once you have purchased a Pro License, you can have direct contact with eM Client Support, who will explain the project concept to you.

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Version 7.2.35595.0
Recurring sync issue, as per alert

Account removed, cleaned PC, re-started, re-installed, same result.

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This is the error I get all the time.
I have been using this client without any issues 3 years now.
I didnt change anything and the account is not full.

9:53:55 πμ   “error”: {
9:53:55 πμ     “code”: 429,
9:53:55 πμ     “message”: “Quota exceeded for quota metric ‘’ and limit ‘defaultPerDayPerProject’ of service ‘’ for consumer ‘project_number:920743529221’.”,
9:53:55 πμ     “status”: “RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED”,
9:53:55 πμ     “details”: [
9:53:55 πμ       {
9:53:55 πμ         “@type”: “”,
9:53:55 πμ         “links”: [
9:53:55 πμ           {
9:53:55 πμ             “description”: “Google developer console API key”,
9:53:55 πμ             “url”: "";


  1. Noticed this problem STOPPED when disabling / deleting Microsoft People app if that is also sync’ed to the same Gmail account.

  2. Changing sync interval in eM has NO effect, error persists

Another one with the same error here for a few days now.

I dont use Microsoft People and the problem is here. I am looking for another more reliable desktop app

Since today, I’m also a member of the resource_exhausted club.

So when you contacted Google, what did they say?

I appreciate your humor. Haha.

It was probably just coincidence, this is an API call used by their client (all app developers need to get an API/Project key to make calls to Google’s services, even in an OATH (on your behalf) type of arrangement). This likely is happening to a large number of users, though I have no idea how they have their project distribution configured, or if they even have more than one , in which case it would impact all users. The only fix is for them to contact Google and up their limit for the associated project in the # of requests allowed per day. I am willing to bet that what we are experiencing is a result of them doing calendar and contact sync with Google  “right”… ever notice how other clients just log you into a little frame for your calendar on the side (like Mailbird does) rather than having a nicely integrated calendar experience? emClient’s experience is far better in that regard, but likely at a cost (literally) to make API calls to the servers  so they can consume, manipulate, and display the data how they want rather than just rendering Google’s own interface to the user. I have to assume that they have some kind of monitoring for services like APIs though… and are well aware of and addressing it? *fingers crossed* Or, someone whom IS a paid subscriber that is also having this issue could contact support and give them a thump just in case…